19 Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3 to Become King of the Techies

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S III? Are you still playing games, watching videos or listening to music with it? Your phone can do much more than you think. I’m going to tell you some cool tricks you can do with your phone.

Going through this article can help you control your phone easily, stay fit and troubleshoot for some common problems. Read more to learn some of the best tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3.

1. Use Smart Stay in Galaxy S3

Smart Stay

Smart stay is a good feature while you are reading books or surfing the internet on your phone, it will keep your phone’s backlight on until you close or avert your eyes from your phone’s screen. To activate it go to settings, tap on display and check the smart stay option.

2. Change Your Font on the Galaxy S3

If you don’t like the standard fonts in your Galaxy S3 just change it to some other font by going into Settings, Display then tap on Font Style. Here you can select one of the three preloaded fonts. You can download more fonts from the Play Store.

3. Launch Apps Directly From the Lock Screen

If you want to launch your apps without unlocking your device you can put shortcuts to the lock screen so that you can launch them without unlocking your device. To do this go to Settings, tap on Display, tap on Lock Screen Options then switch on Shortcuts.

Launch apps from lock screen

4. Set Up Maze Lock on Galaxy S3

Want to make your Galaxy S3 secure, so that no one can peek in your device when you don’t want them to? Go to Settings, Security, Screen lock then Pattern. Now follow the instructions and your phone is secured with maze lock.

Set Up Maze lock

5. Update your Galaxy S3

Updating your phone will give it a new user interface and new features. You can get the new Android Kit Kat version on your S3. To update your S3 go to Settings then tap on About Device, then Software Update, then Update.

Caution: Data will be charged during the update so make sure your phone is connected to the internet before updating your Galaxy S3.

Update your Galaxy S3

6. Control Your Contacts with Gestures on Galaxy S3

You can call or message from your phone’s contacts by just a swipe. This is much easier than tapping again on Contacts. Just swipe left to right across a contact to make a call and left to right across a contact to write a message.

Control Your Contacts with Gestures

7. Change the Wallpaper on your Galaxy S3

Do you look good in pictures and want to add them on your S3’s home screen? To do this just tap and hold a blank area of the home screen, tap on Gallery then select the image you want as wallpaper, then tap on Done.

There is another way to do this as well. Go to Gallery, view the desired picture, click on Options, tap on Set Picture As then tap on Wallpaper and click on Save.

8. Get the Android L Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy S3

Get the Android L keyboard

Samsung’s default keyboard looks like Apple’s, In Short, It’s pretty ugly.  So why not try the Android Lollipop keyboard on your phone?

To do this, open the Google Play Store and search for “Android L keyboard” you will find plenty of apps there, so just choose the best one.

To set that keyboard as your default keyboard go to Settings, tap on Language and input and select the Android L keyboard as your default keyboard.

9. Take a Screenshot on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Want to share your cool home screen or game snap with your friends? Press and hold your Power and Home key simultaneously and a notification will appear in the status bar.

There is another cool way to take a snap of the screen. Go to Settings > Motion > Hand Motion > Select palm swipe to capture. Now you can take a snap whenever you want, with just a swipe of your hand across screen.

Take a Screenshot

10. Video Overlay on Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 has a great feature for watching videos, browsing the webs and completing multiple tasks at the same time.

Just tap on the button in the bottom right corner of the video player and your video starts floating, now you can open any app and watch video at the same time.

Create a Video Overlay

11. Taking Wide Shots (Panorama) from your Galaxy S3’s Camera

Panorama is the best feature to capture wide shots from any camera. To take panorama shots from your Galaxy S3, open camera click in your settings then select Panorama.

To take shots click on the Shutter key and move your phone to right slowly. After generating your Panorama shot is ready.

12. Customize Your Galaxy S3 with Launchers

If you don’t like the default UI of your S3, you can download Nova launcher (Google Play Store link below) and get the feeling of Android Kit Kat on your S3. There are many customizations which you can do on your Galaxy S3 here.

Download on Google Play

13. Use Your Galaxy S3 in Easy Mode

Use Your Galaxy S3 in Easy Mode

If you are new to Android or the Samsung interface, and don’t know which option is where or can’t find the app you want to launch. Don’t worry, Galaxy S3 comes with an Easy Mode with which you can control your device with less hassle.

To use your device in Easy Mode just go to settings > Personalization > Ease Mode the Select Easy Mode.

14. How to Multitask on Your Galaxy S3

Your Galaxy S3 comes with a great feature for multitasking. This feature lets you do two tasks at the same time side by side. To enable this feature just click and hold the back key until an arrow button appears on the left edge of the screen.

When you click that button a sidebar will open with an apps list. Just tap and drag any app you want to open in multiwindow. After the app launches, open the sidebar again and drag another app to the lower part of the screen and both the app will run simultaneously side by side.

Now you can work on both windows at the same time.

15. Install an App from a Third Party App Store

To install an app from a third party app store you have to change some settings. Go to Settings, then Security and check the Unknown Sources option before installing any app from a third party app store.

You have to do the same thing before installing any apk file (side loading any app) on your phone.

Install an App from a Third Party App Store

16. How to Create a Shortcut of Any App on the Home Screen.

Do you have way too many apps on your S3? Are you always searching for specific apps in the app drawer? Just create shortcuts of your frequently used apps on your homescreen.

To create one, just tap and hold on any app and drop it on the homescreen. Now you don’t have to search apps in the app drawer again.

17. Lock your Galaxy S3 with Face Recognition

Unlock your phone in a very tech-savvy way–with your face. Galaxy S3 comes with a Face Lock feature which locks up your phone with a password (your face). To set this Face lock in your Galaxy S3 go to Settings > Security > Screen lock > Face unlock then follow the instructions on-screen.

After setting up Face Unlock you can unlock your phone with your face.

Caution: This lock feature has low security. People can access your phone by just showing your picture.

18. Control Your Galaxy S3‘s Notification LED

Your Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a notification LED. This LED notifies you when missing a call or a messag. Now you can have notifications for all the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail and a lot more.

Download the Light Manager app and configure it as you want it. You can surf for more great apps for your Galaxy S3 here.

Download on Google Play

19. Mute an Incoming Call

Your Galaxy S3 comes with a feature for muting incoming calls by turning your phone upside down. To activate this feature just go to Settings > Motion and Gesture, then check the Sensor Mute option. Now you can mute your phone by just turning your S3 upside down.

Mute a Call


All these tricks are handpicked by me and worth trying on your Samsung Galaxy S3. These tricks can make your life much easier. Read them carefully before customizing your device. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about these tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3.

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