Tips And Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S5

30 Tips And Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S5 that Will Blowout Your Mind

If you’re new to the Android operating system and are already impressed with what it has to offer, then you’ll be amazed after seeing some hidden tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S5. If you’re looking to make the most of your new Samsung Galaxy S5, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve written several posts for helping users improve their experience with the Galaxy S5 and you can read about the 10 best accessories and 10 best apps for the Galaxy S5. After digging deeper into the Galaxy S5, I’ve come up with a list of tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S5 that most users don’t know about.

1. Finger Scanner

finger scanner

One of my favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the new finger scanner and you’ll love it if you have used the iPhone’s finger scanner feature. In order to use it, go to the Settings app, navigate to the Personalization tab and tap on the Finger Scanner option.

2. Heart Rate Monitor

If you want to measure your heart beat, then this is the perfect way to do it. Open the S Health app that comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S5 and select Heart rate from the Menu. Follow the instructions and place your finger on the heart rate monitor at the back of your phone to measure your heart beat. There are also some other nice heart rate monitor apps to download.

3. Change Fonts

fonts s5

To change fonts, go to the Settings app, select Display and tap on Font. You can now change the font style and size. Checkout font apps to find even more options.

4. Smart Remote

One of my favorite features of the latest Galaxy smartphones is the Smart Remote app. This particular app comes pre-installed on various Samsung Galaxy devices. The app lets you control your TV through your phone. Launch the Smart Remote app from your app drawer and set up your custom remote. You’ll also be able to use the remote from your notifications panel. Checkout other remote apps if you would like.

5. Full Quick Settings Panel

To directly access all the options in the Quick settings panel, swipe down from the status bar with two fingers instead of one.

6. Launch Camera Directly From Lock Screen

Go to the Lock screen option in the Settings app and enable the Camera shortcut option. You’ll now be able to access the camera directly from the lock screen.

7. Enable/Disable My Magazine

my magazine

My Magazine is one of Samsung’s latest features and it is similar to HTC’s Blink Feed. You can enable or disable it any time by holding an empty area on your home screen and tapping on Home screen settings.

8. Rename Your S5

To change the name of your Galaxy S5, go to About phone in the Settings app and select Device name.

9. Multi Windows

In order to use two apps on the screen at once, hold the Back key and drag and drop the apps that you want to use on the screen. This can be a great way to write a text message without stopping the movie you’re watching.

10. Enable Unknown Sources

unknown sources

By enabling unknown sources, you’ll be able to install APK files on your Galaxy S5. Go to the Settings app, tap on Security and enable Unknown sources.

11. Power Saving

power saving

The Galaxy S5 features two power saving modes. To enable them, go to the Settings app, tap on Power saving mode and enable either Power saving mode or Ultra power saving mode. There are also plenty of nice power saving apps.

12. Touch Sensitivity

touch sensitivity

By increasing touch sensitivity, you’ll be able to use your Galaxy S5 with gloves on and this can be an extremely useful feature in the winters. To increase touch sensitivity, tap on the Touch sensitivity option in the Quick settings panel or open the Settings app, go to Display and check Increase touch sensitivity

13. Lock Screen Settings

You can also change the settings of your lock screen on the Galaxy S5. You can edit different types of options on the lock screen, including clock size, owner information, lock method and unlock effect. Go to the Settings app and select Lock screen in order to edit your lock screen settings.

14. Battery Percentage

If you can’t figure out the remaining battery on your Galaxy S5 through the battery bar, then you can enable battery percentage in the status bar. Open the Settings app, go to Battery and select Show battery percentage.

15. Motions and gestures

motions gestures

You can use the Motions and gestures feature for various things, including Air browse, direct call, Smart alert and Palm swipe. Go to the Settings app, navigate to the Motion tab, select Motions and gestures and enable your desired options.

16. Blocking Mode

blocking mode

Blocking mode is a useful feature that lets you block calls, notifications and alarms. You can either set Blocking mode to Always or you can set a specific time frame. To enable it, go to Settings, select Blocking mode and enable it by switching the toggle from Off to On.

17. Smart network switch

Smart network switch lets you use your Wi-Fi and mobile data for a stable connection. If your Wi-Fi connection drops, then your phone will automatically connect to mobile data in order to maintain the internet connection. Open the Settings app, go to Wi-Fi and check the Smart network switch option.

18. S Finder

s finder

S Finder lets you search for apps, contacts and other things directly from the search text box. Tap on S Finder in the Quick settings panel and type in the name of the thing that you want to search for.

19. Smart Stay

This feature is quite helpful when you’re looking at images or reading an article. Smart Stay keeps the screen on while you’re looking at it. Go to the Quick settings panel and tap on the Smart stay option.

20. One Handed Operation

While the Galaxy S5’s screen is brilliant for watching movies, it is quite big and users with small hands might not be able to use the device with one hand. The One handed operation mode shrinks the display and lets you use the device easily with one hand. Go to the Settings app, tap on One-handed operation and turn the toggle from Off to On.

21. Screen Mode

screen mode

The Galaxy S5 features different screen modes, including cinema, professional photo, standard, dynamic and adapt display. To change this, go to Display in the Settings app, select Screen mode and enable your desired mode.

22 Pop-up Messages

To view messages as pop-ups, go to Settings in the Messages app, tap on Notifications and enable the Pop-up display option.

23. Delay Message Sending

You can cancel messages after you have sent them by using this feature. Open the Messages app, tap on the Menu button, select Settings and enable Delay message sending.

24. 3D Home screen

Another new feature of the Galaxy S5 is the 3D home screen rotation. Using this feature, you’ll be able to browse through your home screens in a cube-like interface. To enable it, go to Home screen settings by holding an empty area on your home screen, tap on Transition effect and select 3D rotation.

25. Use Voice Commands In Camera

You can now use voice commands to take pictures through the camera app by enabling Voice control in the Camera app. Learn about different Android voice commands here.

26. Download Booster

download booster

Download Booster is another awesome feature on the Galaxy S5 that will make your life easier. I’m sure you like downloading stuff on your Galaxy S5 and if you’re annoyed with the slow downloading speed. This might be the answer to your problem. Download booster enables Wi-Fi and mobile data and uses both connections to download files. To use this, enable Download booster from the Quick settings panel.

27. Take Screenshots

Taking screenshots on the Galaxy S5 is extremely easily. Hold down the Power and Home buttons simultaneously until the screenshot is taken.

28. Developer Mode

To enable developer mode on the Galaxy S5, open the Settings app, tap on About device and keep tapping on Build number until you see a popup message.

29. Voice Wake Up

voice wakeup

You can now set up a custom command to unlock your Galaxy S5 using the S-Voice app. This can be a great way to unlock your phone when your hands are dirty. Launch the S-Voice app by double tapping the Home button, select Settings and enable the Voice wake-up option. You’ll now be able to set up a custom command to unlock the phone.

30. Enable ART

While Android RunTime is still in experimental stages, it can increase your phone’s performance. To enable ART, go to Developer options in the Settings app, tap on Select runtime system and select Use ART.


The Galaxy S5 is one of my favorite Android devices and if you want to make the most out of your device, then use all the tips and tricks mentioned above. While these tips and tricks won’t bring out something unique in your phone, they can still make your life easier. If you have any questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

What’s next? Learn about the best S5 custom ROMs and how to unlock your S5 device.

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  1. OMG your recommendation to enable ART totally screwed up my phone. If your search for enabling ART you’ll see there is nothing but long term issues. I had to factory reset my phone and lost a lot of data.

  2. Your suggestion of enabling Android RunTime (ART) – #30 – destroyed my phone! You didn’t say it was going to restart my phone and then it just kept restarting. I had to do a factory reset! Luckily I used Kies 3.x to backup and did a backup before taking your suggestions. Now I will have to make all the changes I made all over again grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

  3. my Samsung galaxy s5 some how got on lock screen n I don’t want it how can I get out of locked screen without losing any data thanks.

  4. Hi. Found this useful. Thanks. Only tried what seemed useful to me. I dunno about ART, seems to me that it’s about selling ugly shit for tons of money, might not be the same thing here though.

  5. Hi I’m very new to the Galaxy used to have an iPhone how do I make pictures on facebook that I can see the whole picture right now I can only see half a picture and if I try to rotate nothing changes and I still can only see half the picture thank you

  6. With the android 5.0 came Application Notifications that pop up under your notification bar like a window shade dropping down. I hate this. I want my notifications at the very top in the notification bar like they used to be. Do you know of any way to fix this? It’s driving me crazy and I can’t seem to find a thing about it anywhere aside from Blocking the notifications for that app – but I don’t want them blocked, I just don’t want them popping up in my face. Please help!

    1. Kasha,
      I don’t think if there’s a way. You might need to disable all notifications for it. You can still look in your messaging settings.

    2. I AGREE A HUNDRED-FOLD!!! I know exactly what you are talking about – I hate the pop-up notifications on my lock-screen. I want them in the tool bar like before!

  7. Hi. I just purchased an sview cover. Is there any way to read texts contents.with out keeping the phone unlocked?

  8. I cant see my lock screen. I turn it off nd when i turn it back on my lock screen still isnt there. What can i do. Help please.

    1. Jackie,
      Are you sure it’s enabled in settings? If yes, then try a reboot. Also make sure that the lock time is set as immediately.

  9. Is there a way to make the pages a continuous rotation like what was on the S3? What I mean by this is if your looking at all your applications and your on the page of A’s and you want to quickly get to the last page with Z’s you used to be able to swipe left and it would go to the last page and now you have to swipe through all pages to get to the end. Same thing with the home page screen.

  10. Can someone help me please?? I have the samsung galaxy 5 and am trying to get my owner information on my lock screen. I’ve gone into settings then lock screen and put it my name and phone no and checked show owner info on lock screen and there is nothing!!!

    1. Sheila,
      Are you sure that the owner info text is enabled? Try using the basic lock screen. This feature might not support all lock screens.

  11. so, have any idea how to change the orange on top of the messaging? I HATE orange and want it to go away.

  12. Thanks for this blog at least there is somewhere to go for help. I am looking for a way to store important sms massages into a named folder .is there a way?

  13. Do you know how to lock the phone keyboard so when you’re on the phone it doesn’t make another call or hang up on someone?? If I try and use hands free and use my phone if my chin face etc hits something it either calls another number why I am talking or it hung up….is there anything I can do??

  14. It’s important that when you arre downloading free music onine
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  16. while setting up my text mssages, my name was put in the message permanently and my name is splled wrong.
    Galaxy s5

    1. In order to change your name’s spelling, go to Settings in the Messages app and select the Signature option.

  17. You are so interesting! I don’t suppose I’ve read through something like that before.

    So great to find someone with a few original thoughts on this subject.
    Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This web site is one thing that’s needed on the
    web, someone with some originality!

    1. Hi Greatta,
      You are most welcome and I am happy to hear that you are happy with what you have read. Don´t forget to let others know of your positive experience here, so they too can benefit. Thanks for reading!

  18. Hello, I have gotten my first samsung galaxy s5 phone and I’m havin problem with the signature block for text messages , when I set it to on and I put the signature and save to the phone it asks if I want to switch from message to messages+, if I say yes it removes the signature line and if I say no it disables sending message… why can’t I use my signature block in text messages… can you help?

    1. Hi Roxy,
      How big is you signature? SMS are 160 characters, so a signature will eat into that. So any but the shortest signature won’t actually leave much space for a message. Just wondering if that’s the problem, that a fancy signature doesn’t leave any space at all for a message?

      I don’t know what “messages+” means – that’s not a standard term,. Is it a term your carrier uses? Have you tried selecting messages+ and then activating the signature (sometimes, if the software hasn’t been thought through properly, the order of things can matter). Hope this helps. =-) Thanks for commenting.

      1. I had to use the other texting app on phone. Not message+ app it doesn’t like to do signature blocks. Thank you for the reply

        1. Hi Roxy,
          Welcome back. The important thing here is that you are happy with the app you are currently using. You are most welcome and remember that we are always here to help. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    1. Hi Fran,
      Apologies for the late reply, but have you tried going to Messages>More options menus>Settings>Notifications>Tap on Lock Screen. Hope this helps. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  19. My screen use to light up when I would move it. So if I was talking I could move it away from my head and look at the screen and see my call info. It no longer does this! Is there a setting for that???

    1. That sounds like it is a proximity sensor setting or issue. Are you using a case or a screen protector of any kind? This can make the sensor act funny.

      Another thing you can try is AndroSensor, by Fiv Asim. It will let you test all of the sensors on your phone.

      If you have downloaded any new apps, try to uninstall them and see if the problem sticks around.

      Let us know if you fix it or still need help.

  20. the keyboard pops up when I wake up the phone. It covers up the regular numbers that I use for the PIN so I can not get into it. I have to power it off and then power back on. It doesn’t happen every time, but around 75% of the time……..HELP!!!!

  21. Hello, could you please update this.. “Android RunTime is still in experimental stages”?
    What has changed, please?

  22. hi! can you please help me..? i can send messages but i cannot reply to messages because of the country code..i have to write a new message so i can reply..this is getting annoying and time consuming for me especially when i am in a hurry..what should i do to fix this..? i did a factory reset and even wiped the partition cache but still no effect..

    1. Hi, Jemrick. I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. Could you rephrase it so that I can better assist you?

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