Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tips and Tricks

14 Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The S6 Edge will have you know that there’s so much more to it than its pretty screen and case. But you probably already knew that, given that the performance of the S6 Edge is no joke either. All-in-all, this is a spectacular phone. Read more about it from the link below.

It is not, however, the cheapest of phones, so make sure you get your money’s worth by knowing what the S6 Edge can do. We will discuss some features ranging from basic to advanced. Some enhancements may require that you root your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or have a custom recovery.

Let’s get to the fun stuff. Below we are going to cover some of the best Galaxy S6 Edge tips.

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Let’s get started;

1. Amp Up Audio

For those without root and custom recovery, you can make improvements to audio by visiting Settings>Sounds and Notifications>Sound Quality and Effects. If you have a rooted phone with custom recovery and you are looking for a volume boost, this tip is for you.

A flashable ZIP file has been developed to increase the volume levels of your device’s speaker, Bluetooth, and earbuds. Download the file below to storage, reboot into recovery, and install from there. And read on for more Galaxy S6 Edge tips and tricks.

Download: Volume Mod V3

2. Customize the Home Screen Grid

The S6 Edge will allow you to change the size of the TouchWiz Home Screen grid if you want fewer or greater app icons in each panel. You can configure the grid to be 4×4, 4×5, or 5×5.

Long-press on a blank area of your Home Screen, tap Screen Grid, and when you see the one you want, tap Apply. Using this trick will allow you to have as many as 25 apps on the Home Screen.

S6 Grid

3. Disable Touch Sounds

The annoying water sounds you hear every time you unlock the Edge can start to wear thin after a while. So can the clicking noises you hear when you tap on icons.

To get rid of these, go to Settings>Sounds and Notifications>Ringtones and Sounds. At this point, you will now be able to toggle the Touch Sounds and Screen lock sounds to an OFF position. Keep reading for more Galaxy S6 Edge phone tips.

4. Restore Missing Quick Settings

To its credit, Samsung did lessen the sheer amount of options on TouchWiz, making it much more lightweight. One of the downsides, however, is that the Quick Settings toggles or some Quick Settings themselves are completely missing.

If you happen to like those Quick Settings and want them back, there are a couple of things you can do. From the Notifications Panel, if you go to Settings and tap on Edit you can add Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi, Data Usage, Airplane Mode, and the rest of the settings your heart desires.

If the toggles are still missing, there’s an app for that in the Galaxy Apps Store. Search for Quickpanel Restore.

Quick Settings

5. Remove Flipboard

You don’t like the Flipboard app popping up from your Home screen? Get rid of it by long-pressing an empty space on the Home screen, swiping left, and removing the tick in the upper portion of the pane.


6. Take Pictures Like a Pro

If your inner photographer likes to tinker with the light sensitivity of your Edge’s camera, try out Pro Mode. You won’t find Pro Mode in other Galaxy phones.

To use Pro Mode, open the camera app and select the “Mode” button located in the bottom-left. Now choose Pro. If you like what you see and want to save it as a custom setting, tap Custom on the Preview screen, then Save Current Settings. You get to name it, and click Save.

Pro Mode

7. Prevent Hacks

A team of Google security analysts named Project Zero recently researched the Edge and identified 11 security concerns. Some vulnerabilities included the ability to remotely access your contacts, messages, and photos. These risks did also include an app installed from Google Play that allowed the same access to a hacker. Another bug could lead to Samsung emails being forwarded to another account.

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How can you stay safe? Well, when it comes to these risks you can just sit back and do nothing. Project Zero’s protocol is to alert the OEM and give it 90 days to fix the issue. In fact, most, if not all of these problems have already been addressed. But it is a wake-up call.

There are a few things that you can do, too. You can activate your phone’s tracking ability or install an app that does the same. You can keep your Edge updated. Security patches will only apply if you install the updates that apply them. And ensure that the apps you install come from a trusted source.

8. Add or Remove Home Screen Panels

Earlier we showed you how to add the maximum amount of icons to each Home screen, but if you have a ton of apps, that still may not be enough. This is how you can add more screens. Conversely, if you are interested in simplifying via fewer screens, here’s how they can be removed.

To remove a panel, go to a Home screen, long-press a blank area, then drag it to Remove at the top of your screen. To add a panel, you will still touch and hold an empty space, but then you need to tap the “+” icon.

9. Night Clock

Another nice feature about the Edge’s screen is that it can double as a bedside clock even when the main screen is turned off. It doesn’t consume a lot of battery either. To enable from Apps, go to Settings>Edge Screen>Night Clock. Change the setting to ON and specify the times you want it to turn on and off each night. There is a maximum of 12 hours.

Some people have reported a problem with Night Clock light up the entire screen. Others have cited issues with the clock turning on at the wrong time. A few possible fixes for the lighting problem can include wiping the cache, performing a factory reset, and ensuring that you stay current on updates. If you encounter problems while setting the times Night Clock is supposed to turn on or off, try moving the clock in the opposite direction until you cycle back to the desired times.

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Night Clock

10. People Edge Contacts

People Edge allows you to have quick access to five of your most important or frequently contacted people. This can be accomplished by going to Settings>Edge Screen>People Edge. Toggle the switch to activate it, then tap on “My People.” Choose a color by pressing on “+” and select a contact to add. You can also open People Edge by swiping the small transparent tab on the display and tapping any of the five empty circles or utilizing that “+” icon again.

You can delete contacts by long-pressing their circle and swiping to Remove. People Edge will also allow you to set up default contact options through the Select Notifications tab. You can change the order that your contacts are in by long-pressing an icon and dragging it to its new destination. When you want to text, email, or call one of your contacts, simply swipe the Edge tab towards the middle of your screen.

11. Quick Reply

If you are someone who would sooner send a custom message than actually answer your phone, you will love Quick Reply. To set it up from the Apps screen tap on Settings>Edge Screen>Edge Lighting>Quick Reply. Toggle the Quick Reply switch to an ON position and you are ready to dismiss incoming calls by holding your finger on the heart rate sensor on the back of your Edge. If you would like to customize your I’m busy message, clear the text in Quick Reply Messages and type your own.

12. Floating Window

There are really two types of options for window(s) display—Multi-Window and Floating Window. If it’s a split screen you desire, you can have it by tapping and holding Recent Apps and selecting an app from the list. Repeat and choose the second app you wish to display. The apps do need to support Multi-Window.

Pop-Up View creates floating windows. You can also resize said window and take it for a ride around your screen if you’d like. You can open the app as you normally would (or you can tap and hold the app from the multitasking interface) and scroll diagonally from either side of the top edge. Another method is to use the pop up button when an app is already in Multi-Window mode.

13. Quickly Launch the Camera

Does it ever feel like you only get a split second to capture a special or funny memory with the camera? These spontaneous moments don’t slow down for a picture. But this tip can help you get into shooting mode with alacrity. Simply double-tap the Home button to go directly into the Camera app. Quick Launch does need to be enabled under Camera Settings.

Quick Launch

14. Pick Sides

No, you won’t lose any friends over this. Some of the features we have discussed, like People Edge will only appear to one side of your screen. So, probably naturally, if you’re right-handed, you might opt for the right side and vice versa. Regardless, if you change your mind at any time just go to Settings>Edge Screen>Edge Screen Position for setup or to apply changes.


Which tip, trick, or hack worked the best for you? Did you experience any issues during or after? Send us your thoughts on all of these topics. We hope you find these tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to be useful. We have a lot more tips and tricks that apply to the Samsung Galaxy S6 too.

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