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Tone Picker [Conquer Your Android Notifications]

Some apps enhance your life while some provide a great service. Tone Picker for Android is a simple app that gives you complete control over the sounds emitted from your Android device. This ringtone app is extremely barebones and yet, somehow does things that stock Android should do in the first place.

Do you ever get annoyed by the different level of notification sounds coming from your Android device? I mean, you just muted the notifications, but somehow, the phone is blaring a ringtone at full volume? That happens to a lot of new Android users, and there is a good reason behind it.

Android has separated a lot of sounds into sliders to personalize your experience. I usually have my notification sounds on while the ringtone is silent.

This feature comes baked into stock Android as well. Press the volume keys at any time and a small volume slider will appear. Quickly press on the gear icon and you will get some volume options. Tone Picker for Android, however, makes the process streamlined and easy. It even lists some of the sounds that are completely ignored in the stock Android volume adjustment pop up.

The Good

The app has only one screen that will do everything for you. There is nothing more to the app. This easy to follow design makes the app highly easy to operate.

The Bad

The app would have worked better as a simple widget, in my opinion. Opening up an app to adjust different volumes is kind of a chore, especially if you are not placing it on the home screen. Another thing that can annoy a lot of users is the lack of features. This is a one-page app and that is all.

The Bottom Line

Would I use this app every day?


Will I at least use it occasionally to adjust some hard to reach volume controls?

Yes, I will.

This app unifies a lot of sound sliders into one place and this makes it a great addition to any Android device. You can use it to change the volume of your alarms, highly recommended if you study in a library. This app would have been amazing if it came with a simple widget.


The app is extremely small in size. It will be downloaded before you even know it and it will also be installed within 5 to 6 seconds.

All you need to do is follow the Google Play Link and tap on install. The app will be on your Android in a few seconds. The small size of the app means you can also download it without denting your mobile data.


Tone Picker is a simple one-page app. The main screen is designed well and works well.

Can the design be improved?

I don’t think so.

There is not much you can do with sliders and names and the app manages them well already.

Tone Picker main screen


To be honest, this app was only included on the best ringtone apps for Android as a way to manage existing ringtones on your device. As the name suggests, it allows you to select any ringtone that is already on your Android. It doesn’t give you the option to download new ringtones, though. If you are looking for some funny ringtones or notification sounds for Android, you will need to check other apps.

Different notification ringtones

There is not much to the app except the sliders that control every sound emitting from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Changing the sliders


When using Tone Picker, it works as well as you expect it to. You can easily use the standard slider controls to adjust the volume of any tone. You can change the alarm tone individually which is one of the best features of the app.

If you are already using a custom alarm app for Android, this app will make it easier to change the alarm volume without going into additional menus.

Alarm tones on

Selecting new ringtones or notification sounds is also very straightforward. Simple buttons located at the bottom of the screen, make it very easy to launch a full list of available tones.

Device ringtones being accessed


The app only needs permission to access the ringtones from memory. Apart from that, it doesn’t take anything from your device. This is one of the securest tone selection apps around.

Selecting the tone source


Tone Picker is a good app, but it needs to make some changes, keeping urgency of use in mind. A quick access widget button would make it a lot more useful and practical. I hope that this little app saves you the trouble of navigating deep into the Android settings.

If you have any questions or suggestions in mind, feel free to share them with me in the comments below.

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