Samsung Galaxy S4 best cases and covers

Top 10 Cases And Covers For the Samsung Galaxy S4 – Security and Style

The Galaxy S4 is the latest offering from Samsung’s Galaxy S series and is currently one of the best Android smartphones in the world. While the S4 is definitely a good looking smartphone, covers and cases for smartphones are always a great way to enhance the appeal of your device. Whether you just need to add a classier look to your device or you need to protect your smartphone from scratches, we’ve got some of the best cases that you can buy.

Our list has been made after thorough research considering factors such as user reviews and ratings from various sources. We haven’t just focused on quality, but we’ve also considered the value you get for the money that you spend. Here is the list of the top 10 cases and covers that you can buy for your Samsung Galaxy S4.

10. Yousave Galaxy S4 Clear Silicone Gel Cover

silicone gel case

Simple, Lightweight and Cheap

At number 10, we have the Clear Silicone Gel Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is not a typical luxurious looking cover, but at $5.99 it is definitely a great option for users looking to add color to their device. The great thing about this case is that it is extremely light weight, fits the Galaxy S4 perfectly and is also good enough to protect your smartphone from day to day scratches and marks.

The cover has an upraised surface which helps in holding the smartphone in your palm with a lesser chance of the device slipping away from your palm. While this case only covers the back part of the Galaxy S4, it also provides protection for the front since the edges are raised above the screen.

All the relevant cut-outs are available for features such as the headphone jack, the charging jack and the camera. You can get the case in a variety of colors including black gel, black hybrid, pink gel, pink hybrid, purple hybrid, red hybrid and white hybrid. This case also comes with a cleaning cloth and a free screen protector!


9. CellTo Anti-Slip TPU Crystal Silicone Case

anti slip case

Anti-Slip with the perfect fit

At number 9, we have the Anti-Slip TPU Crystal case from CellTo. This is another fantastic case for the Galaxy S4. It enhances the look of your device while keeping away scratches and marks. The great thing about this particular case is that it maintains the exact shape of the smartphone by covering the back perfectly so that your device doesn’t feel different.

Made from TPU crystal silicone materials, this anti-slip case comes in 9 different vivid colors including baby pink, baby green, brown and smoke. Also, as the name implies, the anti-slip surface allows you to use your device normally, on a flat surface, without it moving. This cover also comes with a free screen protector and is available for $5.89.


8. Seidio Dilex Active Case with Metal Kickstand

seidio dilex active case

The ideal option for an energetic lifestyle

The Seidio Dilex Active Case with Metal Kickstand comes in at number 8. The case, as the name implies, is meant for people with an active and energetic usage of the smartphone. While a bit expensive at $36.49, this case definitely lives up to its price as it provides incredible protection not just from day to day marks or scratches, but also from rough use. This particular case is not the most attractive, but it’s great for intense use.

The basic case holder is felt-lined, but it is covered by two interlocking protective layers. Also, the case has a belt clip along with a magnetic kickstand, which can be used to view media on your smartphone in landscape mode. All the features of this case make this the ideal case if you’re constantly on the go or take long trips with your smartphone. The case comes in five different colors including amethyst, black, blue, white and red.


7. Poetic Atmosphere Case for Galaxy S4

poetic atmosphere case


Smooth yet good grip

Next, we have the Atmosphere Case from Poetic, which is available for about $6.95. The case is made from polycarbonate and TPU, making it very durable. The transparent case comes in eight different colors including grey, light blue, light green, light pink, orange, purple, red and white.

The case covers most of the device except for the screen and the home button, providing solid protection from scratches and even from screen damage, as the borders are raised over the screen. The case has all the right cut-outs and also has built in volume control buttons. The great thing about this case is that it is feels really smooth, while maintaining a good grip in your hands. Also, the case is quite sturdy and doesn’t make the smartphone bulkier.


6. Spigen Slim Armour View Case

spigen slim armor case


Hybrid of the S-View and the Slim Armour

At number 6, we have the Slim Armour View case from Spigen. This case does an exceptional job at almost everything but is a bit pricier than most other cases at $49.99. If the case wasn’t this pricey, then it would have easily achieved a higher rank in our list due to its superior quality. Made from durable TPU and polycarbonate, the case is slim, makes your smartphone look attractive and provides solid protection for your device.

Basically, this case is similar to Samsung’s popular S-View cover, but is merged with Spigen’s signature slim armour case. The slim armour provides dual layers for maximum protection while keeping the device slim and sleek. The flip part of the cover, similar to the S-View cover, also features the automatic sleep/awake functionality. The case is available in seven different colors including black, white, soul black, metal slate, blue, red and gold.


5. Original Samsung Flip Cover for Galaxy S4

original flip case


Keeping it simple and elegant

The Original Flip Cover from Samsung comes in at number 5. The cover is meant to provide protection to both the front and back of the smartphone while being simple and elegant. The soft felt-lining protects the device from scratches and dirt. You can fold the flap of the cover completely to the back while using the smartphone.

The cover basically replaces the smartphone’s original back cover, meaning that you won’t need to use the stock back cover on your device. The cover doesn’t add any bulk to the device while protecting the screen when the phone is not in use. It is available for $22 and comes in seven colors including black, white, blue, green, orange, yellow and pink.


4. Ionic Guardian Armour Case

ionic guardian case


Solid rubber grip that comes with a stylus

At number 4, we have the Ionic Guardian Armour Case for the Galaxy S4. At $6.85, the case provides solid protection with its durable rubber material. The hard shell along with an inner rubber shell protects the device from dust and scratches. Also, the rubber outer rubber layer provides a solid grip for the hand. The case works extremely well in protecting the phone from drops as the rubber corners do a great job at protecting the screen. The case is available in four colors including black, pink, white and green. You also get a rubber tipped stylus for free.


3. OtterBox Defender Series Case for Galaxy S4



The best in heavy-duty protection

The Defender Series Case from OttterBox comes in at number 3. OtterBox has been around for quite some time now and they have made some exceptional cases for various different smartphones. At $33.79, the OtterBox case is the ideal case for the ultimate heavy-duty protection.

The case is extremely durable and has three layers of protection. While the case does add some bulk to the smartphone, it is designed for rough use, keeping in mind the “worst case scenarios” that could happen to your Galaxy S4. The case also has flaps for the headphone jack and USB port so that dust cannot enter through the ports. Made from polycarbonate, the rugged case also features a built in screen protector and a belt clip, which also works as a kickstand.

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2.Protective Bumper Cover Plus Case for Galaxy S4

bumper cover case

 Colourful, sleek and easy to use

At number 2, we have the Protective Bumper Cover plus Case from Samsung. At $9.90, the cover is designed to protect the smartphone while maintaining a sleek and stylish look. The rubber borders are great at protecting the device from damage on the corners and the screen is also protected as the rubber borders act as a bumper over the screen. The cover is easy to install and slips on effortlessly, providing access to all the ports on the device.

The case comes in five vivid colors including blue, pink, black, green and white. Made from durable plastic, this case is ideal if you want to protect your phone from scratches and bumps while maintaining a sleek, less bulky look.


1. Caseology Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case

caseology case

Beautiful and smooth while resistant to dirt and oil

Finally, we have the Slim Fit Flexible TPU case from Caseology. At $7.99, the case from Caseology keeps user preferences in mind while keeping the case in line with trends. The case is durable, fits perfectly and protects the device from all sorts of damage. The case has the necessary cut-outs for all the ports on the Galaxy S4 and the borders function as a buffer between the screen and the surface so that the screen is also protected when the phone is dropped or while the phone is lying on a flat surface.

Made from TPU, the case acts as a shock absorber, but it has a finish similar to a sleek hard case. Aside from protecting the device, the smooth surface is highly resistant to dirt, oil, scratches and fingerprints. The case comes in seven unusual but interesting colors including turquoise mint, white, sky blue, lime green, hot pink, pink and black.



Having a case definitely serves as a great way of protecting your device from scratches and dust, but some of these cases also enhance the attractiveness of the device. Whether you just need to protect your device or if you want to make your Galaxy S4 more stylish, you should consider getting a case for your phone. The rankings above won’t be the same for all users, as different people have different needs and you should only get the case which matches your preferences.

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  1. I have a caseology case that I got for my Galaxy S4 before even reading this article and I am absolutely in love with it!! It’s my favorite phone cover! I like thin “jelly-like” or “grippy” covers because they prevent the phone from slipping and they stay in your hand better… More GRIP and they just feel cool. I have the mint colored one… I love the color and the case is truly amazing if you’re someone like me who doesn’t even want a cover on it to begin with. It’s so thin that it’s barely noticeable that you have it on. And it does a good job at protecting the phone… Not the BEST but can’t always have style AND protection… They don’t always come together, unfortunately. I proposed my phone on in my car when I’m using my Google Maps while driving and I love that it doesn’t slide around where u have to adjust it every turn. This case is very slim and sleek but at the same time doesn’t look cheap, although it is! (I mean price-wise). Mine still looks great and is in fine condition for what I’ve put it through! The color is kind of coming off a little but that happens with several items after having them and using them for a long period of time. All in all… The case is awesome! I definitely recommend it! And as I said before… I purchased this case long before I ever saw this article but if I had to pick my favorite case out of the multiple ones that I have… It’s my favorite! I’m actually thinking now that I should order more cause they are inexpensive anyway! And now I know that the product is something I like so now I can order more! Hope this helped you make your decision! Because I’m sure not many people search for something like this… So you’re probably very particular, I know I am!

    …get on Amazon and order one already!!

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