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The year is coming to an end and has been a very eventful one. Ton of new apps were launched, some were shut down, and some rose to the top. This is a list about the top 15 Android paid apps for 2016 that captured our attention and provided a lot of people with useful facilities. To be fair, some of these apps were not released in 2016 but rose on the charts thanks to plentiful updates and good quality this year.

These top 15 Android paid apps for 2016 are extremely diverse but they all have something new to offer. I was actually very surprised to see so many new developers coming up with creative ideas this year and it’s a great thing. Some of the apps this list are still craving that mainstream spotlight that other hit apps have been enjoying and I’m pretty sure by this time next year, 90% of these will be considered a big success.

As they are all very different in nature and prices, it feels odd to categorize them in any particular way. The top 15 Android paid apps for 2016 are all in random order and I highly advise you to check the whole list out.

Note: The top 15 Android paid apps for 2016 were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. Some of the apps require an active Internet connection to work. A few of the apps may have a subscription-based payment model. All the apps worked perfectly fine on the smartphone and no problems were faced during testing. The apps are not in any specific order.

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1. Facetune

If you are like me, completely below average, this app will make you marginally attractive. If you are already attractive, it will make you even more attractive. However, don’t expect any sort of miracles to happen with this app.

It is basically a selfie editing app that specializes in making you look cute. From changing the light focus to whitening your teeth, this app will make your selfies stand out from the crowd. The retouching tools provided here are intuitive and don’t go overboard with the effects. Most of all, you won’t look like a plastic doll after you are done editing.

Paid Version

2. 3D Parallax Wallpaper

There are a lot of wallpaper apps for Android and most of them are great. However, if you want to add a little bit of depth to your home screen, you’ll find this app to be exceptionally great at that. The 3D Parallax wallpaper app comes with a lot of different customization options that will allow you to change the way your home screen looks.

Paid Version

3.  Our Budget Book Pro

Adult life is hard, especially when you have no idea where your paycheck went at the end of each month. This is where an app like Our Budget Book Pro comes into play. If you are a single person then I would recommend checking out some other great budget apps for Android, but if you have a family that needs to spend collectively, this is the app you should check out.

Planning your finances as well as keeping track of your every spending is quite important if you are on a limited income. This app allows you to do that as well as make categories for income and expenses. One of the best things about this app is its synchronization across multiple devices.

Paid Version

4. Threema

These days, security is a big concern. A lot of companies are actively reading our emails as well as checking our messages to target advertisements. There is some really shady business going on and there is not a lot we can do about it. However, we can choose a much more secure and encrypted mode of communication like this app.

We have discussed best encrypted messaging apps for Android before and this one is a relatively new on the market. Threema has fast become the go-to secure messenger that can help keep your personal information out of anyone’s reach. One good thing about this messaging app is that not only it keeps your messages encrypted and secure, it also has a very pleasant interface.

Paid Version

5. Pixel Icon Pack

This one is for the Android affectionate only, because I cannot justify a price tag over an icon pack that is basically a straight lift off from standard used in a pixel smartphone. However, if you like pixel icons on the Pixel smartphone, but are stuck with using another device, this icon pack is for you. Just like any other icon pack, this also requires a launcher.

We’ve already covered the best Icon packs for Android as well as the best launchers for Android in separate lists, so I highly recommend checking out the launcher list to find a compatible launcher to go along with this icon pack. Or if you’re into the stock Android experience, get the Google Now Launcher and enjoy a fully pixelated experience, pun intended.

Paid Version

6. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is a photo editing app that is surprisingly powerful and easy to use. While it is not exactly a Photoshop replica, it has its very unique charm and uses. One of the best things about this app is that it helps you erase any unwanted elements in your photos.

Is there a lamppost between the perfect sunset you took? This app will help you remove that annoying element from the photo. Were you taking a great picture of your son riding a bike but there is the dog pooping in the background?

Now you can easily remove the poop. All you need do is select the thing you want gone and the app will do the rest. However, there are limitations in place and they are understandable, you cannot simply remove a huge building.

Paid Version

7. Sleep as Android

Do you have trouble sleeping? Or have an unusually odd sleeping pattern? This app is made just for you. It is a great app that works wonders, especially if you have trouble sleeping or waking up. The sleep cycle tracking combined with the smart wake up option in this app helps you wake up fresh every morning.

There’s also a sleep graph that elaborates on your sleeping patterns and history. The app can also predict sleep deficit, detect snoring and deep sleep state. I highly recommend that you check out the free version before paying for the paid version, this gives you a chance to take this app for a ride and see if it’s working for you or not.

Paid Version

8. Baby Pics

Congratulations on making a smaller version of yourself! Now you can get on to the exciting business of sharing simple pictures of your baby on social media. But remember, everyone is fed up with regular baby pictures and definitely don’t want to see your baby doing every day stuff.

So, spice it up and take your baby pictures to a whole another level. With this app you can make amazing looking baby pictures with your baby as the star! Now everyone will find your posts exciting again.

The app is simple to use and is dedicated to make the baby pictures shareable and adorable. No more 50 pictures of your baby sleeping, now you can have some fun with the already cute pictures.

Paid Version

9. Unicorn Adblocker

I’m all for ads on videos, websites and social media. After all, these services are running on adverts and we are getting free entertainment and information. However, some websites take the ads to another level by selling their souls to the devil. This is where a good adblocker comes into play.

I’m usually against using an adblocker and I advise keeping it turned off for most of your browsing sessions but when a website opens 5 new windows with ads automatically, it’s time to go nuclear with Unicorn Adblocker. This is a new adblocker in town and it works extremely well.

Paid Version

10. Afterlight

With its 15 editing tools and 59 filters, Afterlight is one of the best image retouching apps on Android. The app comes with some basic and some unique editing tools that let you do photo manipulation on the go.

The app also has 27 fully adjustable original filters so that you won’t run out of ways to make your photos stand out and look amazing. Want to add a bit of texture to your pictures? The app comes with 66 textures to give you that unique natural light leak look.

Paid Version

11. Fingerprint Gestures

If you have a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, this app can probably work great with it. I tested the app on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it worked for the most part, but wasn’t that amazing on the Honor 8.

So, this is definitely one of the riskier investments in the top 15 paid apps of the year list. If it works, you can use gestures like double tap, swipe and even single tap to control your smartphone. It is much like the gestures Huawei uses on their smartphones. Some of the actions can only be activated if your smartphone is rooted.

Paid Version

12. Learn How to Draw

This is one of the most useful apps on the list if you are an aspiring artist. Learn How to Draw will take you through a comprehensive journey in learning how you can better your art. The app basically introduces you to a growing collection of tutorials that gets updated every Monday. If you’re just starting drawing, the app offers a good level of beginner material, so that you can easily start on the right foot.

Even if you are an intermediate or even an advanced artist, you’ll still be able to gain something out of these great tutorials. They are designed by Will Sliney who is a professional comic book artist. In my experience comic book artists are masters of the human form, so you’ll have a good grasp of how to draw feet from these tutorials.

Paid Version

13. Pulse SMS

Are you in need of a fast, beautiful and secure SMS app for day-to-day usage? Well, Pulse SMS is the app you were looking for. One of the best things about this SMS app is that it allows you to make your SMS and MMS available across all the devices. From Android smartphones and tablets to Android TV as well as the browsers.

All you need to do is simply create an account with your phone and you’ll have access to all the messages you receive. Even if you have inserted the SIM smartphone alone, you’ll be able to access and reply to messages from any of your devices.

Paid Version

14. FolderSync

FolderSync make synchronizing your files very easy. It enables you to sync files from local folders on your device to any cloud-based service. One of the best things about this app is that it supports a wide range of cloud providers, so all the major storage services are supported here. The app also comes with a full file manager that helps you in managing the files already on your device as well as on the cloud.

Paid Version

15. KLWP Live Wallpaper

The name might say it is a live wallpaper and but it is so much more than that. This live wallpaper app allows you to completely change how your Android device looks and feels and in many ways operates as well.

This is one of the most powerful custom live wallpaper creators I have ever seen on an Android device. The app allows you to create your own designs and display any kind of data you want on screen, from whether to time and from daily work meetings to music, everything can be controlled from this live wallpaper app.

I have to admit, it took me a while to create something usable with this app as the learning curve is quite steep but the payoff is immense. I highly recommend that you check out the free version first before making the jump to the Pro one.

Paid Version


This ends the top 15 Android paid apps for 2016 list, I’m sure that these apps will keep you entertained until next year this time. Android apps are blooming and there is some true innovation to be seen here, as an Android aficionado, it is truly fascinating to be on this journey of creativity and innovation.

If you have any questions or another app that deserves to be on this list, feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll love to see what you have for us.

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