Antivirus for Android: Why You Should Install It & Its Advantages

The necessity of an antivirus app for Android has been debated for some time. Despite how great Android is, the platform is undeniably security flawed. Now hold on a minute, some of you might be asking “What?, Why is Android vulnerable?” Well, simply because it is an open platform. It takes a robust, dedicated effort to secure an open platform for both manufacturers and developers.

The ever-increasing popularity of Android as a mobile computing OS has also led to an increase in the number of security threats directed to it. Ranging from common malware to identity theft, spyware, and advanced phishing. There are security patches released regularly, to fix the newly discovered issues, but is it really enough?

What is an Android virus?

What is an android virus
Is your Android device Safe?

The technical term “virus” is a general term that mostly refers to a threat that can potentially destroy a single program or worst, the whole Android system instead. Rendering your phone useless and good as a paperweight. This is a term that became a popular way of referring to malicious software, especially in computers.

So is there such a thing as Android viruses? Technically yes but, while there are viruses and malware on Android, it’s not really something you need to be concerned about—as long as you pay attention to what you’re doing.

Although generally, the most common type of Android virus or malware is designed to control the infected device secretly to either steal personal data or money, or worst is both.

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How Can You Get a Virus on Your Android Device?

Be mindful where you download your apps

Almost all apps on well-known markets, such as Google Play or Amazon App Store, are thoroughly verified, so they aren’t risky when it comes to Android viruses. So if you download applications only from reliable sources, you should have no problem.

However, if you think it is a good idea to download a just published, say a free version of a premium paid app, that you just found on a random unknown app store – it probably isn’t. Even though the app might seem to work just fine, behind the curtains it might gather your personal data and be onto other malicious tasks.

Nevertheless, even if you only stick to well-known app stores, you’re still subjected to some risks. Even if the app is clean at the beginning, after some updates that are labeled as “routine”, it could gain malicious capabilities. so even though it may seem that you are safe, truth is, you never know.

Is Installing an Antivirus App on Android the Solution?

Protect Yourself with an antivirus App

The best Anti-virus for Android that anyone can use is common sense. However, not everyone is informed or knowledgeable enough to know the basics of avoiding Android Malware. Download applications from credible app markets, such as the Google Play store or Amazon AppStore, then you have nothing to worry about. Additionally, if you mind what kind of permissions you give to your downloaded apps, and make sure they really need it for functioning, not other reasons, then you’re almost in the clear.

If you install an Android Antivirus App for Android, you can rest easily at night. It is worth mentioning that, besides being a gatekeeper for your Android device, they often have other useful features, like remote unlocking or wiping a stolen phone. Some offer clean up tools or back up. Not to mention that some help you block pop up ads on your phone, another possible culprit for malware spreading.

If your budget permits it, it’s always better to go with a licensed antivirus, even if it can cost a little bit. Usually, this type of products get more frequent virus database updates and, therefore, are more secure. Additionally, most of them offer extra features – like decluttering your device, antispyware and many more. So the product we would recommend for you is:

  • Kaspersky Total Security 2019 Software – $54.99 (as of 15 of June 2019)
Kasperky Antivirus 1 Year License
1 Year License

We also tested a few apps for Android and we fund a few we’d like to recommend, like:

  • Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware – Free with In-app Purchases
Malwarebytes logo
App Logo
Google Play
  • Avast Antivirus – Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner – Free with In-app Purchases
Avast Antivirus Mobile Logo
App Logo
Google Play

Android Antivirus – What You Should Know

Regardless of how important or not you think the security of your android phone or tablet is, you should always have an effective Antivirus app protecting you from malware and ensuring your privacy. You don’t want to wait until some mustached hacker accesses your private data and uses it against you.

If you are on a budget, you can go for a free Android antivirus app, but if you want some of the more advanced features you’ll have to pay with a few bucks. Usually, we’d recommend that you go for an antivirus app that also offers effective anti-theft protection so that you can easily locate your android phone if at all you lose it.

Have you ever had malicious software on your Android device? How did you get rid of it? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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