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How to Track Your Complete Health Using Android

Android smartphones are not just ordinary mobile phones as you can do so much with your Android device from using it as a complete home security system to monitoring your employees. One new category where Android devices can be used is health and fitness. Not only can you monitor your heart rate, but you can also use your Android device as a complete health and fitness system using Android health apps available on the Google Play Store.

Health is an area that I believe everyone should pay attention to. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on health equipment and devices, then you can turn your Android device into a health and fitness system. In this guide, I’ll tell you about a cool Android health monitor and how to use it in order to track your health.

NOTE: This Android health tracker is not substitute to visiting a doctor for tracking your health or getting medical advice from a professional. If you have certain health issues, then you should visit a doctor. For people who are looking to monitor their health and fitness regularly, the app mentioned below is perfect.

Why Track your Health on Android?

  • Monitor your heart rate.
  • Find out the number of calories you’re burning from different activities like cycling and walking.
  • Find out how many calories you’re taking in by adding the foods you eat.
  • Find out other useful information related to your health directly on your Android device.

HI – Health & Fitness Tracker

HI – Health & Fitness Tracker is one of the most popular Android health apps that gives you detailed information about your health. If you’re looking for an Android health monitor that can analyse your food intake, activities, sleep, heart rate and blood pressure, then this is the perfect app.

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This Android health monitor can also calculate your BMI, body fat, water intake and ideal body weight based on your physical characteristics.  It also features a built-in pedometer so you can easily track your steps. Aside from that, it also tracks your sleep and features a health calendar so that you can keep track of all your activities.

This particular Android health tracker doesn’t require any third party devices and it can also sync with your Google Drive giving you access on multiple devices. Follow the steps below to find out how you can install and use this Android health tracker on your smartphone.

Step 1 – Install HI – Health & Fitness Tracker on your Android Device

Download and install HI – Health & Fitness Tracker on your Android device. You can get it through the Google Play Store button below.

Download on Google PlayStep 2 – Launch the App

Open the app, read the terms and conditions and press the Agree button.

HI health tracker terms

Step 3 – Create your Profile

Tap on Create New Profile. You’ll need to enter your basic details such as name and email ID. You can also choose an avatar. You will need to set up a PIN code and this will be used whenever you launch the app to bring up your health details.

HI health tracker profile

Step 4 – Enter your Health Details on your Android Device

After entering your basic details, you’ll need to enter your health details such as weight, height, waist, activity level and birth date. Tap on the Next button.

HI health tracker details

Step 5 – Enter your PIN to Open your Database

Once your profile has been created, you’ll need to enter your PIN code in order to enter your dashboard. You’ll now see your basic details such as BMI, body fat percentage and weight in the dashboard. You can bring up the left panel by tapping on the Menu icon or sliding from left to right. You’ll now see different tabs.

HI health tracker pin

Step 6 – Use the Health Calendar on your Android Device

To open up your health calendar, tap on Health Calendar from the left panel.

HI health tracker calendar

Step 7 – Open your Health Diary on your Android Device

Tap on Diary in the left panel to open up your diary. You can add different things to your diary, such as activities and food. To add your activities, tap on Add Activity and select the activity that you are about to do or did previously, such as cycling. Based on the time of your activity, you’ll see the number of calories burned. You can also add the food you ate to find out the calorie intake.

HI health tracker diary

Step 8 – Track your Sleep

You can also analyse and monitor your sleep by tapping on the Sleep tab in the left panel.

HI health tracker sleep

Step 9 – Measure your Heart Rate on your Android Device

To measure your heart rate, tap on the Heart Rate tab. Tap on the Plus icon in the top right. You’ll need to place your finger on the camera in order to measure your heart rate.

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HI health tracker heart rate

Step 10 – Track your Steps

In order to track your steps, tap on Pedometer and press the Plus icon in the top right. Tap on the Start button and start walking. The app will start tracking your steps.

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HI health tracker pedometer

Step 11 – Track your Blood Pressure

Tap on the Blood Pressure tab and press the Plus icon in the top right in order to enter your blood pressure details.

HI health tracker blood pressure

Step 12 – Configure Settings of the App

Feel free to use other options in the app such as health calculator, weight tracker, goals and squats. You can also edit the settings of the app by tapping on Preferences in the left panel.

HI health tracker settings


Tracking and monitoring health is vital for every person which is why you should see a doctor when needed in order to seek medical advice. You can stay fit and monitor your health while you’re at home as well using your Android device. Not only can you measure your heart rate and track your steps, but you can get all the information related to your health by entering your physical details.

The HI – Health & Fitness Tracker app mentioned above is an excellent Android health tracker and you can use it to stay fit and reach your health goals. Once again, this Android health monitor is not meant to be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice or help from a professional. If you have any questions about this this Android health tracker, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we’ll be happy to help.

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