How to Transfer GoPro Videos to Android (4 Methods)

There’s no question that the GoPro has revolutionized how people see the world.

Before Nick Woodman developed the GoPro, taking a picture or video of yourself doing anything required someone else taking  the shots. Now people can see awesome GoPro videos of marine life or clips of extreme sports from an athlete’s point of view. GoPro has also made it possible to capture those precious moments with one’s children and love ones.

But how do you transfer your photos and videos to another device to make them easier to view, edit, and share?

Don’t worry! This guide will show you how to transfer GoPro videos to Android.

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How to Transfer GoPro Videos to Android (4 Methods) | Joy of Android
Transfer content the easy way with the GoPro App.

Method 1: You Won’t Go Wrong With the GoPro App

Undoubtedly the best way to transfer content from your GoPro camera to your Android mobile device is to use the GoPro App. Downloading files can be done two ways – automatically and manually.

For automatic transfer:

Step 1: Download the free GoPro App

Download: GoPro App (Free)

Google Play download button

Step 2: Connect your GoPro camera (HERO 5 and up) to the GoPro App within three days of shooting the footage. Files will be downloaded and transferred automatically. You are then ready to make a QuikStory.

For manual transfer:

Step 3: Download the latest version of the GoPro App. Connect your GoPro camera.

Step 4: Select the footage you want and import it to the app.

Step 5: Open Media > Local, then choose the clips that you want to use.

Step 6: Scroll to the bottom and tap the Quik button. All assets would have to be downloaded locally initially so you might have some waiting to do.

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Method 2: Move GoPro Content to SD Card on Android

Aside from transferring your media files to your smart phone’s internal storage, you can also move them to the SD card on your Android device.

Step 1: Open your Gallery, then choose the GoPro folder.

Step 2: Once you select the GoPro folder, press and hold a thumbnail to jump start the multi-selection process.

Step 3: Tap on each photo or video that you want to transfer and save to the SD card.

Step 4: Tap the three-dot icon (…) located in the top right corner. Choose the Move to Album option.

Step 5: Tap Create Album to make a new album on your SD card.

Step 6: Create a name for the new album. Select SD card as location then tap Create.

It should be emphasized that you can’t automatically save any new GoPro videos or photos to your SD card. This can only be done manually. It’s best if you do this on a regular basis.

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Method 3: Use Quik Key for Quick Transfers

As its name implies, the Quik Key (Micro-USB) mobile microSD card reader makes transfering GoPro videos to Android smartphones quick and smooth.

Step 1: Put your microSD card in your Quik Key.

Step 2: Plug your Quik Key USB to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Step 3: Tap on Start Pairing, then on GoPro SD card option.

Step 4: Look at the bottom right corner and tap Select.

Step 5: All photos and videos on your GoPro SD card are now ready to be selected in Quik.

If you don’t see the SD card option it means your card doesn’t have the proper format or configuration. To format your card, go to Phone Settings > Storage & USB > SD card and format. But remember to back up all the files on the card first as formatting it will erase all its content.

It’s important to format your card so it will be recognized next time.

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How to Transfer GoPro Videos to Android (4 Methods) | Joy of Android
You can transfer GoPro videos several ways.

Method 4: MicroSD to Android Device

Another way to smoothly upload GoPro videos to Android is to utilize the camera’s SD card, especially since all GoPro cameras come with a free card.

Step 1: Make sure that your Android smartphone and GoPro are completely turned off. Remove any SIM or MicroSD card that’s in your phone.

Step 2: Eject the SD card from your GoPro. Transfer the card from your camera to your Android device. Start your phone back up.

Step 3: Once the phone is up and running, go to Gallery > Albums. Look for the one containing your GoPro videos and check the quality.

Step 4: Save in your device’s internal drive. You can transfer it later to another microSD card if you prefer.

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GoPro videos are a wonderful way of capturing those moments that you want to remember for the rest of your life. The fact that it’s so easy to transfer GoPro videos to Android and there are numerous ways of doing so are a major bonus. And with the right GoPro video editor, you can edit videos and photos in a way that looks sleek and professional.

Are all your GoPro videos safely transferred to your Android device? Which of the methods discussed here did you use? We’d love to hear about your experience, so post any questions or comments here, then share this article with your GoPro loving friends and family. 

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