How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr from Android (2 Methods)

Who loves to write their blogs, rants, or stories on Tumblr? I do.

It’s crazy!

I even wrote there how broken-hearted I am a few years ago.

However, reading other people’s stories and sharing mine gave me peace, at that time.

For people like me, here’s a piece of good news:

In 2017, the developers behind the Tumblr microblogging portal introduced “Safe Mode”. It is also a way to filter sensitive content and explicit blogs for people who didn’t want to see that kind of content.

The search results with Tumblr didn’t filter these kinds of content before this feature was introduced. But, with the feature now available, this puts the choice of seeing NSFW content right in the users’ hands.

Safe Mode on Tumblr as seen on the Tumblr mobile app.


Safe Mode in Tumblr is enabled by default, especially when using the Tumblr Android app. But, don’t worry! This guide will show you how to disable this feature if you want it disabled.

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Turning off Safe Mode on Tumblr will widen your search results for sure. And if you understand what you’re getting into, we will provide the steps of how to do just exactly this.

Why would You Want to Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr?

Safe Mode on Tumblr was made to filter sensitive content and blogs marked explicit by their owners. But if you’re over 18, you’re pretty much free to decide what you want to see on your feed.

Safe Mode is turned on by default on the mobile app

If you’re a Tumblr user and a minor, you won’t even be able to turn off this feature, but if you are of age, you can make that decision for yourself. Turning off the Safe Mode feature will give you access to posts with sensitive content and explicit blogs – if you really want that kind of freedom.

What’s the Difference between Sensitive Content and Blogs Marked as Explicit anyways?

Tumblr is a microblogging platform, if you haven’t already caught on to what it is. If a blogger feels that a post has sensitive content, Tumblr gives that capability of flagging the post himself.

You can mark your post as sensitive, and it will not be shown to people who have Safe Mode turned on.

When you’re using the Tumblr Android app, there’s a switch in Post Settings > More Options to flag the post as sensitive.

If a blogger feels that most of his posts will be of the sensitive nature – specifically the ones with sexually explicit content – the blogger can mark his whole blog as “Explicit”, or Tumblr will mark it for you.

In both cases, posts with sensitive content or blogs marked as explicit will not show up in search results for users who have Safe Mode enabled. Once Safe Mode is disabled, these content will show up in your results and populate your feed.

1. How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr from the Android app

If you’ve downloaded the Tumblr app for Android devices, the only way you can use it is if you are signed in as an official Tumblr user. So we’ll teach you how to turn off Safe Mode when you are signed in to the app.

You need to enter your Tumblr app’s settings to toggle off Safe Mode.

First, open up the Tumblr app and go to Settings. You do this by tapping on the tab bar, then tapping on the person icon. Then tap the gear icon, then into “General Settings”. From here you can tap “Filtering”, and then toggle off the Safe Mode switch.

Then enter the Filtering settings.
Then toggle off Safe Mode.

Now your search results and Tumblr feed is open to posts with sensitive content and blogs marked as explicit.

2. How to Turn off Safe Mode on Tumblr from a Web Browser

This method is available for you if you are a registered Tumblr user, and you’ve logged on to the Tumblr site using your own account on a web browser.

You need to enter Settings after logging in via browser.
Toggle off Safe Mode under the Filtering section.

You will need to get into Settings. Tap on the little person icon on the top bar, then click Settings. Scroll down to “Filtering,” and then click the Safe Mode switch to toggle it off.

3. How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr without Signing In

If you are not a registered Tumblr user and you’re just browsing Tumblr’s blogs for certain content or for pleasure, you may not want to go through the whole shebang of registering for an account.

Could you still browse Tumblr without Safe Mode without logging on to an account? Apparently, there are ways to do this, and I’m going to show you how.

Tumbex is an external viewer for Tumblr blogs without Safe Mode.

For you to be able to do this, you have to use an external Tumblr viewer – which means you have to access the explicit Tumblr blog from another website. Only a few of these work, but we’re sure you can Google for more.

TumblViewr is another external viewer for Tumblr blogs without Safe Mode.

You can use either Tumbex  or TumblViewr You just type the name of the blog on external viewer. For instance, if the blog’s URL is “”, Type in “blogname” and these external viewers will do the trick for you.

It’s not viewing the Tumblr blog from the platform itself – the only way to do that is to register for an account. But it does the job, and without worrying about Safe Mode.


Is Safe Mode in Tumblr Different from Safe Search?

Safe Search was a 2012 feature of Tumblr that de-listed adult content from popular search engines, and even taking them off Tumblr’s internal search mechanism.
This was an early version of Safe Mode that was overridden by the 2017 implementation of the Safe Mode feature.

Conclusion: Turning off Safe Mode – or Working Around it – is Pretty Easy

We understand that adults might find this Safe Mode feature annoying at first, especially if you don’t know where to toggle it off.

But getting to that specific toggle – especially if you’re a registered Tumblr user and are not a minor – is just a few taps or clicks away.

And if you’re just browsing Tumblr for pleasure, Safe Mode shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to get to the content you want either. Do you have other ways of browsing Tumblr without Safe Mode? Make sure you sound off in our comments section.

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