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Twitch Prime- A Better Choice for Gamers in 2023

Are you a person who likes to watch the gaming sessions of various live streamers? Or Are you one among them who likes to broadcast your gaming sessions? If yes, then you might be aware of various platforms that support live streaming videos of gaming sessions. Some of them are YouTube gaming, Mixer, etc. 

If you are a gamer, you might have heard about Amazon’s Twitch Prime. Being a versatile alternative, Twitch can be an entertaining replacement for many other traditional platforms like Netflix. It can be also considered as one of the easiest ways for both streaming and watching the gaming sessions. 

Do you have a membership for amazon prime or prime video? If yes then, you guys should be happy that your membership will also give access to Twitch Prime. So reading this blog, you will get a clear idea about Twitch and why to choose it. 

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What is Twitch?

twitch prime
All About Twitch

Twitch is an interactive space where you can find varieties of contents mainly gaming and other contents including art, music, etc. It mostly focuses on gamers and live streamers. Being an ease-to-use platform, twitch is versatile and supports multiple platforms like desktops, mobile, set-up boxes and browser. Having a twitch prime member, you will get access to in-game content, free games and more. You will also get a free subscription to your favorite channels.

If you research you will find that millions of people are watching and becoming a part of Twitch. Do you know the reason behind its popularity?  People become a part of this community due to its wide variety in games. Being a great source of content related to games makes it more impressive for the game lovers. People rely on this platform to learn and improve their performance in gaming through the streamers. 


About Subscriptions

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 Twitch provides free services that will include ads in streams between intervals. If you want to avoid the interruptions during the streams, you can stop these ads by getting a single twitch prime subscription. 

As said above, being a member of amazon prime, you will get access to twitch. But It’s fine if you lack prime subscriptions because you can opt for subscription by individual channels. These channels that are available at $4.99, $9.99per month or other options can be changed as per your interest after 30 days. Having a single twitch channel subscription will offer you impressive emoticons, free PC games, chat badge, extended chat color options. 

Why go to Twitch Prime?

As discussed above, there are multiple reasons making Twitch Prime a popular and impressive platform. Some of those advantages are mentioned below. 

  1. The main reason people choose Twitch Prime is that it acts user friendly for both viewers and streamers without compromising the quality. 
  2. Even though the platform has a lot of premium options, users can also use the free version of Twitch. Offering quite impressive premium options is one of the attractive factors for most of the users. 
  3. Mobile broadcasting is another highlighting feature that makes the users more convenient in using the platform. 
  4. Being flexible, it supports desktops, mobiles, set-top box apps, and even consoles through which you can entertain yourself. 
  5. Another benefit for subscribers is getting free games and other bonus items.
  6. Providing a lot of varied contents, it acts beneficial for both streamers and viewers who are interested in gaming. 
  7. Through twitch you can connect to your favorite streamers. 
  8. Twitch Prime plays the role of a helping hand for beginners who wish to learn about gaming. 

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Twitch Broadcasting

For all PC gamers, if you are a gamer who uses desktops for broadcasting your livestreams, visit creator dashboard. Through this dashboard, you can check your stats. Since video streaming services need external or additional software, Twitch Prime allows you to download the software that can enable streaming. 

Twitch used to allow streamers to use third party software previously. But now twitch helps you by providing free Twitch studio software. You can use the appropriate Twitch console app for playing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. 

What are the Cons for Twitch Prime?

Even though you might find a lot of varieties in the content, Twitch lacks some content related to medical and legal contents. As per many feedbacks, it is discovered that Twitch chat lacks the expected quality. Here you will find issues in chatting real-time. You will experience the delays in chat responses and streams. 

YouTube Vs Twitch

Even though both is a well developed and user-friendly space for contents, you will find a lot of differences in many ways. 

Twitch is the largest platform with an impressive community for live streaming, building a lot of content related to video games. Whereas YouTube is a great platform for posting lasting content and lacks closed community. 

Since it is primarily created for streaming, people come here to stream or view live streams but it’s different in the case of YouTube. It’s a general platform where there is less number of streamers compared to Twitch. 

Being a dedicated platform, Twitch offers advanced features that are beneficial for streamers like Chatting, Creative Streams, IRL, Music and more. YouTube lacks these features supporting streaming.

Even though both these platforms work according to the search engines, they follow a different pattern to showcase videos. Twitch mostly recommends and shows videos of popular streamers and will not allow you to edit the thumbnails. But YouTube will allow you to edit and customize your thumbnails and become more convenient for newcomers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate Amazon prime to Twitch? 

You can activate your amazon Prime to Twitch through the following steps
Open your browser and go to
Then, you have to sign in your amazon prime account 
After redirecting your homepage, activate twitch prime. 
Then you will get to know the linked accounts. 

Is Twitch Prime for free?

You will get a 30 day free trial and can continue it with $14.99 per month. Having amazon prime membership, you will get access to free games. It will also allow you to upgrade and level up your weapons, boosts, etc. 

How to claim free prime on Twitch?

You can easily gain free access to twitch by linking your Twitch Tv. account with amazon prime account.

Twitch Prime- A Better Choice for Gamers

As discussed in the blog, there are enormous reasons to go for Twitch Prime for a better choice for gamers. Providing the expected flexibility and versatility in the contents and features, it works great for users. Being the best platform for broadcasting video sessions,  the streamers also get paid for playing video games. Isn’t it interesting? Yes it is for the gamer or game lovers. 

But don’t worry, It not only supports gamers but also encourages people to express their talents in art, music and more. So, why to wait?  Try Twitch to explore what you love. 

Have you ever tried Twitch Prime? Share your experience with us through comments below. 

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