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Unified Remote App for Android – All in One Is an Understatement

I have tested a ton of remote apps for Joy of Android this past year. Some of them controlled TVs while some of them handled air conditioners. Unified Remote does no such thing.

Unified Remote is a unique remote app for Android, which allows you to control your personal computer. Yes, you heard me right, this free remote app for Android can help you control your PC or laptop. How exactly does that work? Read on to know more!

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The Good

The app works flawlessly and can control basic functions of your personal computer. You can move the mouse cursor and even use the keyboard to type stuff. This app is perfect for you if you have a PC hooked to your big TV. As a gamer who usually docks his laptop in the TV lounge, I can attest that this app works without any problems.

The Bad

A ton of basic stuff is locked behind a paywall. I get it though; the developers need to feed their families too. But some of the locked stuff is so basic that I expected it to be free. Maybe I’m spoiled by generous apps, or maybe I’m correct here (high chance of this). Apart from that, there is nothing bad about the app.

The Bottom Line

If you have a PC connected to your big screen TV, this is the app you should get ASAP. I wish I had known about this app before I purchased an expensive wireless mouse and keyboard set that is collecting dust now. Unified Remote runs on my laptop almost all the time.

The connection speed and everything about this Android remote app for PC is highly polished and efficient. I wholeheartedly recommend this app to everyone.


Getting Unified Remote to work is a two phase job. The initial one is to get the app on your smartphone or tablet. That can be done by following the Google Play Link and clicking on the install button. The app is of small size and will take a few seconds to download on your selected device.

After the app is downloaded and installed, you can launch it from the notification tray or the app drawer. You will be greeted with the following screen.

Unified Remote - 1

This means you have yet to install the server on the PC you want to control. That can be done by visiting https://www.unifiedremote.com and downloading the small software. Don’t worry, I scanned it for potential threats and it came clean.

Unified Remote - 8

After the server is downloaded, install in on the targeted PC. The software takes only a few moments to install. Simply select the standard options and all will work flawlessly. Now that the server is installed and running, you can head back to your smartphone.

Unified Remote - 9

The Interface

Unified Remote comes with a clean and highly user-friendly interface. I found the app very well-managed and accessible. All the options are listed on the main screen of the app. You can tap the icon to select what you need with ease.

Unified Remote - 2

The top left corner of the screen has the standard side panel button. Press it and a panel will slide onto the screen. You can select various options on the panel.

Unified Remote - 4

The main screen also houses different tabs that can make using the app a lot easier. Now that Unified Remote is part of my daily couch gaming sessions, I appreciate the Most Used and Recent tabs. The only problem with the interface is the Full Version icon that is present right on the top of the screen.


The app allows you to explore files on your PC. It’s very similar to the file manager apps for Android. But instead of showing you the Android device files, the app opens a window to your Windows based PC.

Unified Remote - 3

The basic controls allow you to control the cursor movement and even type things on your PC.

Unified Remote - 5

There is also a media remote that can help in playing media on your PC. It is a great feature to have when you are watching a movie and need to adjust the volume or pause. If you have a media PC, this app will be a godsend.

Unified Remote - 10

There are some other features that can be unlocked by paying for the full version. For example, the screen mirroring feature can only be accessed after you pay for the app.

Using the App

Using Unified Remote is a real pleasure. I have been using the app for a while now and it works flawlessly every time. There is some lag faced when you move the cursor fast, but that is negligible.

Unified Remote - 6

The media controls work wonderfully and can control a lot of players. You can even use trackpad gestures to control the mouse movements effectively. I’m thoroughly impressed with the way Unified Remote works. The almost hassle free setup made this app one of the best I had experienced  in a long while.


As the app is not storing anything on your Android device, it doesn’t need any kind of permission to work. This helps make Unified Remote one of the safest PC remote on Android. The app gets a thumbs up from my side.


Unified Remote may not be important for you, but those who know the value of a media PC will absolutely adore it. This app can make your life that much easier and clutter free. You won’t need to have wireless mouse or keyboards just to pause a movie playing on your TV. With this app, your TV and PC can provide an experience which no console will be able to reach.

If you have any problems setting this app up or just need help, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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  1. I installed the server on my PC and and android device but I can’t find the server. How can I add it manuelly . pls help

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