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4 Best Uninstall Android Apps to Get Rid of Old News

One of the best things about Android is the vast nature and library of apps and games it has to offer. I will go as far as to say that no matter how lovely the interface looks or how fast the OS works, it will be nothing without the plethora of apps to back it up. On average a normal person installs dozens of apps in the first few months of purchasing an Android device. Sadly though, many remain on the device long after the user loses interest. I always recommend that people uninstall Android apps to make room for more and make the device a little smoother. Android can get a little slower if you don’t regularly clean it from apps clogging its arteries.

No matter how fast and new your shiny Android device is, there will come a time when it just gets bogged down by the army of useless apps you installed. Do I need 13 camera apps on my phone? Nope, I haven’t even used them all in a very long time. It’s time to uninstall Android apps and let the device breath again. The problem that many people face is that there are so many apps installed and uninstalling apps seem like a chore. Thankfully we have the 5 best uninstall Android apps list which will help you get rid of unwanted and unloved apps in minutes.

Note: This article is based on my personal experience of installing countless apps and uninstalling them on a daily basis. These apps have helped me keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 clean, fast and reliable as the day I first got it. Being an Android exclusive writer, I come across multiple apps which need testing; the 5 Best Uninstall Android apps have helped me work fast and keep track. The first 3 are an absolute must for any Android user.

1. Easy Uninstaller – Free

Easy Uninstaller

It’s…quite easy

Easy Uninstaller, as the name suggests, is a very easy app slaughtering app. It’s fast, it’s handy and it uninstalls in a jiffy. If you have a ton of unwanted apps on your phone and you just can’t bother to uninstall them one by one, this app’s bulk uninstall option is a life saver. Batch uninstall combined with the one click uninstall makes it a powerful tool to have on any Android device. But that’s not all though; the app lists all the apps and allows you to decide which one stays and which goes. This is especially useful when you need to make space for new apps and want to get rid of the space-hogging apps first.


  • One click kill option is amazing.
  • You feel liberated after pulling the trigger.
  • The list of installed apps is manageable and convenient.

Notable Feature:

The batch uninstall is a time-saving option. Simply select all the apps you want gone and with one click, they will vanish.


2. System app remover – Free

System app remover

Kill the authority

This app requires root access, if you don’t know what that is feel free to ask in the comments below and I will guide you. For those who know what root access is, System app remover gets rid of those pesky system apps you never use. Companies like HTC, Samsung and Sony tend to install excessive bloatware on their devices. Those special “apps” are sometimes useless and yet we just can’t uninstall them. With System app remover and root access you will easily be able to remove those apps.


  • A solid and visually pleasing interface.
  • An overall smooth performer.
  • Gives ample info about the apps.

Notable Feature:

System app remover is a great app to get rid of the oppressing and sometimes demanding system apps. Those click-n-share apps from manufactures are almost always useless. So what’s the point of keeping them around right?


3. Uninstaller – Free


Mass deletion

Uninstaller is an app for those who like information at their fingertips. The interface is compact and yet it lists all the apps with appropriate information right on the screen. From size to install date, you can access the essential info from the get go. Single click app deletion along with various sort modes makes this app a highly functional and useful one. Uninstall Android apps with this nifty app and you won’t have to worry about storage space the next time a big game comes along.


  • Straight no-nonsense interface.
  • The app is extremely small in size.
  • Filter system apps easily.

Notable Feature:

The sort modes make it easier to pick targets for deletion. For example I use sort by date feature to single out apps which were installed recently and then simply delete them.


4. Uninstall Perfect Uninstaller – Free

 Uninstall Perfect Uninstaller

Almost perfect

Aha! Here we have a Perfect uninstaller, the slayer of raunchy apps, the killer of space-hoggers and the protector of Kingdom Droid. This app is simply stellar on Tablets with its large icons and ample information. There are two display modes in the app too in case you want to use the typical app list. What if you have forgotten why you installed an app? Simply long press the icon and the app will direct you to the Google Play page.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • App management page is easily accessible.
  • Six sorting options.

Notable Feature:

This is the app to get if you have a tablet and want to uninstall Android apps from it. The landscape view is refreshing and easy to use.



I always recommend that you never install apps you don’t need. Sure exploration is exciting and some of the best games are underrated but at least read the descriptions and make sure the app is not a scam. Some apps are only trying to access your personal data and bombard you with targeted advertisements. These menacing apps run constantly in the background and drain system resources. Use the task manager to see which apps are playing dirty and use one of the 5 best uninstall Android apps to get rid of it.

Remember guys, always download apps from the Google Play Store. This means a big no-no to third-party stores and a big red cross on Torrents. Be safe, play fair and enjoy Android at its full potential.

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  1. I just installed system App Remover. It looks like I need root permission. I am a complete novice, so don’t want to screw up my phone. (Well, I guess no one does, do they?)
    Anyway, can you give me some instruction on how to proceed (or if I should).
    I just bought an android phone Samsung Avant.
    Thank you so much for your column. I look forward to reading and learning more.

    1. Ahulani,
      Yes app remover requires root access. Yes no one likes to root their new phone! If you do not want to root your phone, try other apps we have listed. It will work in non-rooted mobiles.
      Thanks for reading. We are happy to help you.
      Do subscribe with us to keep you updated.


  2. Thanks for this program list. Very useful. Please include in future reviews the permissions required for the apps. Many want information not related to the app and should be avoided.

  3. I tried all ur ideas and safe mode is still there and none of my apps are on my phone,I can’t play anything. Any ideas? Thanks

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