How to Use Android Tablet as Car PC

Android tablets have certainly become much more versatile and powerful in recent years. It’s no wonder that many people will want to use Android tablet as car PC and get rid of clunky interfaces.  Not many people are driving around in luxury cars and it will be nice to have a reliable car PC to lean back on.

I saw a person using an Android tablet for directions a few days back. He was using the tablet in his lap while driving. I’m not a traffic cop but even I know that is a dangerous thing to do. I would never recommend using your tablet like that or in a way which possess serious danger to yourself and to anyone on road.

If you promise yourself to be traffic law abiding citizen, go ahead and read the rest of the article to understand how you can turn your Android tablet as a car computer.

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Android Tablet as Car PC

What You Need

You will need any of the ready-made car docks for tablets. There are a lot of them available on Amazon as well as other vendors. Some even come with no screws. When I started writing this article, I was afraid that the do-it-yourself part of the article will make everything complicated.

I’m not a very handy guy when it comes to doing heavy construction work. Thankfully a lot of companies know this. This is why they have introduced docks which require little to no work. Simply search “car dock for tablets” on Amazon and you will find a lot of great ones for sale. But if you insist on making a custom dock yourself, head over to to learn more.

Step 1: Finding the Dock

Here are some of the docks I found interesting:

1 (4)

Satechi ST-TP01: This one comes with a suction cup which can be used to mount the dock on any dashboard. Although this may seem unsafe, reviews state the dock maintains a firm grip throughout the trip. This is a perfect dock for those who don’t want to ruin the looks of their car by drilling holes.

1 (3)

Arkon Large Tablet Long Arm Windshield Suction Mount: The name says almost everything here. This particular dock sticks on your windshield. This maybe the best suction based docked because the cups tend to stick well on glass surfaces. This will give you a nice overhead view of your tablet as well.


Arkon Truck: This one comes with screws. It is made for military type off road trucks so there will be a place to mount it with ease.

Step 2: Selecting a Charger

You will also need a car charger and a standard USB cable to charge your tablet while on the go. There are a lot of options available to choose from. Here are a few for the sake of your convenience.

PowerGen 2.4Amps

Omaker Intelligent 6.6A

Anker [5-Pack] Premium Micro USB Cables

Mediabridge USB 2.0


Step 3: Getting an AUX

For audio you may want to get an AUX cable and attach it with the car stereo. Every modern car comes with an AUX port these days and it makes everything simple. Otherwise you might need an additional amplifier to attach your Android tablet with the speaker system. And that is a real hassle to be honest. Here are some of the AUX readily available for you to use:

Anker® 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary


Mediabridge 3.5mm

Step 4: Assemble Everything

usb cables

Now that you have ordered the dock for tablet size, you are ready to use Android tablet as car PC. Now place the dock in your car. Connect the car charger with the USB cable. Insert the tablet in the dock and connect the mini USB to it for charging. And there you go, you can now use Android tablet in car with ease. Don’t forget to connect the AUX cable from your tablet to the stereo and enjoy tunes being played from your tablet.


Using Android tablet as Car PC turned out to be very easy. Combine the tablet with a good GPS navigation app to know directions or an offline GPS app if you have a WiFi only tablet. Install a dedicated tablet launcher to make things easier and get a good music app for all your musical needs. Most of all stay safe and don’t use the tablet while driving. Certainly don’t watch movies while driving. I know it’s tempting but I would prefer not to lose a reader.

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