How to Use Old Android Phone as MP3 Player – 3 Useful Ways

If you are wondering how to use old Android phone as MP3, you have come to the right place. When I listen to music I usually stick to country and rock. That’s my own preference, but regardless of what you listen to it helps to have a nice MP3 player to bring your music to the gym, in the car, to work and even while cooking something in the kitchen.

When you purchase a new Android phone you typically throw out the old one or it ends up in a drawer somewhere. Some people even sell their phone to get a few bucks, but those services are really somewhat of a ripoff since you paid so much for the phone in the first place.

So, why not turn your old Android phone into an MP3 player? Load up all your favorite songs and even tap into certain internet radio apps to get even more tunes.

In this article, I will guide you through how to use old Android phone as MP3 player.

How to Use Old Android Phone as MP3 Player

When you are planning to use old Android phone as MP3 player, there are a few things that you must consider first.

First off, we highly recommend to factory reset your device. So you can configure it to either simply be a music player offline or online.

Factory Reset Device

Next is to install your preferred music player. The built-in music player should suffice for this purpose but there are other good alternatives available on the Google Play store.

If you’re planning to turn your old phone into a dedicated offline music player, it’s best to enable the airplane mode after performing a device factory reset. So that the phone can allot more resources and power to your music player.

If you’re planning it to be an online music stream player, then enabling the Wi-Fi after turning the airplane mode on is recommended. This way, the device will allow its resources to focus on your media and cellular activities will be halted as well as disabled.

Other than that, here are a few ways you can use your dedicated MP3 player:

1. Using the Android MP3 Player in Your Car

It’s nice to listen to your own playlists while sitting in your car, but what do you have to do in order to achieve this listening atmosphere?

You typically have to play your own locally stored music files when not near a WiFi hotspot, but some services like Spotify allow you to listen online. Check out the Spotify guide to see how you can listen to your playlists while offline. You can also look at our other MP3 apps to play music in your car.

Use old Android as MP3 player - Listen Offline
Use old Android as MP3 player – offline mode

Keep in mind that you usually have to pay for the offline mode and some of the apps might not offer this functionality. Create your playlists before getting in the car to make it a worthwhile listening experience.

Additionally, if you have CDs or audio files on your computer this is the best way to listen to music in your car. You have full control over the music and you don’t have to worry about an internet connection or offline functionality.

Use our guide for moving music from your computer to an Android phone to make this happen.

2. Using the Android MP3 Player in Your Home

You have more freedom for using your MP3 player in the home because you probably have access to WiFi.

Download one of the many MP3 players we discussed above or consider free music options to find music to put on your phone.


Make sure the WiFi is working in your home by testing it out with your other devices.

Upload your own locally owned and purchased music to the phone.

Purchase a nice portable speaker system to plug your phone in at home. Portable speakers are nice for moving the MP3 player around. You can place it in your kitchen while cooking, in the bathroom while showering and in the living room for parties.


Use headphones while listening privately and consider finding a case because lots of people will be toying around with your new music player. Remember to keep a charger around just in case.

3. Using the Android MP3 Player While On-the-Move

This is similar to using the Android MP3 player in your car, but we wanted to discuss different times and areas you can use the phone while moving around.

  • Use the MP3 player while flying on a plane or on the train or bus to work.
  • Listen while at the gym or while running.
  • Use the phone anywhere else, such as the beach, while at a game, while waiting at the doctor’s office and more.

Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

jogging band - Use old Android as MP3 player
Use old Android as MP3 player

If you plan to use it in situations where water or sweat can come in contact with your phone, we recommend grabbing a Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case.


Closing Thoughts

That’s it for our “use old Android phone as an MP3 player” guide. If you have any questions about how to use your old Android phone, please let us know in the comments section below.

There is no reason you shouldn’t use your old devices because they typically still work just fine. Share if you think there are other ways to use the old phone. I hope this article helped you in understanding how to use old Android phone as MP3 player.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Don’t follow Tip #3 — Factory Reset. I did so, and now cannot even get into the phone. It wants me to press on the Android, and when I do, the only option is to activate the phone. Eek!!

  2. The problem is that most of the time the replaced phone is broken or the screen is totally broken. So broken you can’t see. But my last phone broke fast and it’s intact for everything but making calls. So yeah. It’s my little tablet and mp3 player.

  3. So glad I saw this posting I was looking at MP3 players and all the stuff you have to do to get music so i reset to factory setting on old phone i was going to throw out. I have amazon music so downloaded the app and there were my playlists. LOVE IT connected to my bluetooth speaker and Bobs your uncle.

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