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Video Recovery: What to Do if You Accidentally Deleted a Video?

Anyone who has tried creating or editing videos has probably experienced deleting the file accidentally. Regardless of the reason, accidental deletion of videos is something that you wouldn’t want to happen as it is time-consuming to start again.

The hours of work that involve reviewing, editing, and finalizing these videos would go to waste due to this unfortunate situation. Not to mention, the mental stress it can bring especially when dealing with submission deadlines.

However, there is a way out, and it’s called data recovery. In this guide, we’ll cover some simple, yet, effective video recovery methods.

How to Recover Deleted Video From PC

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The first essential step in creating the right strategy is to determine why it happened. Reasons can vary from human errors to system errors such as device formatting or virus infection. 

Determining the cause of deletion is important because the type of recovery step that you would need would depend on this. In addition, the type of device and its operating system would also be considered in choosing a recovery option. 

For example, the instructions for video recovery on Windows would be different for other operating systems. 

However, if we’re talking about accidental deletion due to human error, there are still some ways of how you can fix it. 

Check the Trash Bin

The first method that can help you when you accidentally deleted a video is checking your trash bin. 

The thing is, after clicking the “delete” button, all the files are simply moved to this folder. This is regardless of the storage origin which is a local drive or cloud system.

It is the section where the files are “parked” before their actual deletion. 

If you’re lucky to have this case, it’s easy to find the files by right-clicking on a video and selecting the file restore option. This can easily resolve the problem at hand. 

Try Using a Recovery Software

If the recycle bin is emptied, you still have some hope for a video recovery but only with the assistance of third-party software. 

However, none of this software can guarantee that videos are 100% intact once recovered. Some files might be missing audio or video effects. This issue is more common for large video files. These kinds of files are deemed harder to recover, thus, the errors. 

When the file is deleted from the trash bin, your operating system marks the specific memory area occupied as free again. But, when you save the new data to your computer, there is a high possibility of it being overwritten by new data. 

For this reason, it’s better to minimize the use of a device where the deleted video was stored and start the recovery process as soon as it is possible. 

Trash, PhotoRec, or the cloud storage services like Google Drive and OneDrive are some of the excellent video software to try for video recovery on your PC. 

These said software are relatively popular because it is user-friendly. They give users a clear guide regarding the video recovery process. 

In addition, all these are available for Windows and other operating systems, so feel free to try one of these tools in case the accidentally deleted videos need recovering. 

How to Recover a Deleted Video on Android Phone

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Talking about Android smartphones, the deleted data like videos or photos could be even easier to recover

Recovering From Phone Memory

The thing is, when you delete any file, it won’t be removed from your Android memory. It is usually still saved in the phone storage until the new data comes to replace it. 

The key point to remember here is to stop using your Android device once you find out your video or any other file is deleted. 

This works exceptionally effectively with some of the Samsung devices, as it prevents the overwriting data process. 

After this, you can connect your Android smartphone to a PC or laptop and try the video recovery software available for your device. Then follow the steps provided by the apps available.

Recovery Using Google Photos

The majority of us today usually utilize mobile applications such as Google Photos. This is an application that works as a photo and video storage. Users can customize its setting so that it automatically syncs files once it is stored in your phone gallery.

There are two ways in which you can restore files from Google Photos:

  • The most common way to retrieve files from this app is to simply access it. Videos that are synched in the app are not affected by the actions made in the phone gallery.

So, if videos are deleted in the gallery, there is a high chance that one can still recover them in the app. Users can simply press the file and save it back on their phone gallery.

  • But what if the video is deleted from Google Photos? You don’t have to worry as this mobile application has a trash folder feature that stores deleted files for up to 60 days. One can still easily recover files from the “Trash” feature of the app. 

What Can You Do After the Video Recovery

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It was already mentioned above that the quality of recovered videos may not be the same as the original ones. Even if you use expensive software, there would be no guarantee to this. 

There may be some cases where the audio is missing in some segments or is not playing at all. Recovered video audio can also be unstable or is delayed.

Video image quality can also be at risk during the recovery. Issues can involve sudden black screens while playing the video or damaged video quality. 

So, can you do anything about this? Fortunately, the technologies available to us today allow us to fix or improve the quality of recovered videos. 

In any of the cases above, the right video software for editing can save the day. There is some software that can help you either remove the issues or make them less visible to your audience. 

One of the great examples to try is the video editor by Movavi. This is a feature-rich editing software with an intuitive toolbar. It has plenty of options you need to enhance your video on any device. 


To sum up, accidental data deleting is a common problem each user experiences at least once in their life. 

And, even the most tech-savvy ones are not spared from needing recovery software when accidents happen.

The common video deletion accidents mentioned above are accompanied by tried and tested effective solutions. But, if worse comes to worst, that your recovered videos are damaged, then you can use professional editing video software to restore them. 

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