VideoProc – An easy and quick way to merge 4K large video

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In the past years, we have seen the rise of video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. Generally, people are fond of sharing videos more than photos in their social media accounts. Videos just capture the very essence of the moment, right?

With that said, more and more people have immersed themselves with video editing. The thing is, video editing is hard and would require installation/download of heavy software. And what users can’t take are large videos that would take time to process. Good thing, there’s an easy and quick way to merge 4K large videos –– with lightweight video processing software.

VideoProc – merger and editing tool

Light-weight video editing and merging tools have now become the new tool for creating stunning high-quality videos. The best thing about it is it easily edit, cut, merge videos even on an old computer –– without having to work on a supercomputer. Mind you, it’s a very convenient tool for making videos saving you a ton of laptop/desktop internal space.

VideoProc is one of the best tools that edits and merges videos for you! Video editing tools have become too complicated and too technical for beginners that it’s just too much. VideoProc is the best solution for this. Guaranteed it’s the ultimate choice for your 4K video editor needs.

VideoProc easily and quickly mergers large-sized videos
VideoProc easily and quickly mergers large-sized videos

Cameras and smartphones have evolved and incorporated 4K video resolutions. This quality is insanely stunning, however, it’s too much to handle. Many video editor tools crash and hang with this large of a file but not VideoProc.

This video editor tool is equipped with GPU acceleration that seamlessly decodes and renders lengthy and large videos without compromising its quality. So, if you are to edit 4K resolution videos, expect to have a smooth-sailing journey!

You can be sure that from editing to merging, importing, and exporting of files is very quick. You won’t experience any crashes and freezes on your laptop or desktop.

The GPU acceleration integration allows users for a fast and seamless video editing experience
The GPU acceleration integration allows users for a fast and seamless video editing experience

Did you know that one of the demands in video editing is merging videos? There’s not a 20-minute video online that is not comprised of bits and pieces of videos. That’s why you need a tool that would excel in video merging.

Whether these video files are from your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, DSLRs, or GoPro, VideoProc easily merges these files into one amazing file –– no matter the file size. 

Here’s a video tutorial on how to edit 4K videos using VideoProc:

One of its best features is its user-friendly interface. It’s perfect for amateurs and professionals alike. It even has a simpler interface than well-known video editors that is very easy to navigate. It has a complete set of functions, effects, and features that meet the users’ editing demands.

Desktop VideoProc VS Online video tool

VideoProcOther Online Video Editor/Merger
File size limitUnlimitedYes (100 MB – 600 MB, etc)
Input and output video formatsUnlimited, including 4K/8K/AV1/HEVC resolutionLimited, only supports the general format
Internet connection requiredNoYes
Load timeFastTakes a long time to edit, load, and upload videos
Video editing functionsHas all the necessary video editing tools and functionsLimited functions only
Security problemsSafe Your files will stay in the site until the server deletes it
Third-party plug-inNo needSome tools need a third-party plug-in to launch the tool

All-in-one tool that is just for you

If you are looking for a video editing tool that has all the functions you need to create an entertaining vlog or compile memorable home videos –– VideoProc is the best tool. It’s easy to use, very fast, handy, and convenient. What more can you ask for?

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