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Vine for Android Updates to Catch Up with iOS Counterpart

Twitter-Owned Vine on Thursday updated its android application with a number of classic improvements, catching up with its iOS counterpart. The iOS vine app had been previously updated last week.

Vine for Android

Android users will now enjoy new camera tools and channels, among other enhancements. With channels, users will be able to submit posts from the explore screen. Application users will also now be able to look through videos on 15 favorite categories.

Through this enhanced discovery mechanism, users can look through videos about Comedy, Art & Experimental, Cats, Dogs, Family, Beauty & Fashion, Food, Health & Fitness, Nature, Music, News & Politics, Special FX, Sports, Urban and ‘weird’”, Said The Next Web.

The new ‘revining’ feature will also come in handy, allowing users to show their followers’ vines shot by someone else.

Apparently outdoing the iOS app, the android app also included a unique capture widget that lets users launch the camera straight away from the home screen. This new feature gives Vine for Android an edge, since it makes it super easy to get started recording a mini-movie (without having to tap a host of icons and switch to video). Other updates include a new mute button in the menu, together with enhanced overall performance in this version.

Only half-a-year old and already boasting over 13 million registered units, Vine seems to be doing quite well helping mini-video buffs create and share short, beautiful and looping videos.

Windows Phone users will also be able to catch up with their counterparts on android and iOS in the weeks to come. According to Twitter, Vine app for Microsoft is on the way. PC World quoted a Twitter spokesperson as saying ‘We can confirm that vine will be coming to Windows Phone’, but added no other details.

This wave of update is seen by many as the latest attempt by the mobile video service to out-compete Instagram, which enjoys over 130 million active users, as at the time of reporting.

Via TechCrunch & TNW

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