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5 Wallet Cases for Nexus 5X Keeping Everything Important in One Place

The Google Nexus 5X is an amazing smartphone, especially when you factor in the price. While it is not as expensive as its larger brother the Nexus 6P, it is still a very capable smartphone. It’s no wonder that you would want a wallet case for Nexus 5X to keep it safe and sound.

LG has really made an affordable and beautiful looking Android device. It is priced lower than the flagships offered by other companies but carries almost the same punch as them.

Getting a wallet case for Nexus 5X is not that hard, getting one of the best one is going to be tricky. This is why we have assembled a list of five amazing looking wallet cases for Nexus 5X so that you don’t have to crawl through countless others to select one for yourself. The Google Nexus 5X is a relatively small phone when you compare it to the large sized other offerings by Android manufacturers. Even LG has made larger smartphones just this year.

However, Google knows that there is a market for smaller smartphones and they are absolutely right. Not a lot of people want to bog down their pockets with a 6-inch smartphone. This is why Nexus 5X has gained quite a following and thanks to its popularity there are a ton of wallet cases for it. So without further ado, let’s select a wallet case for your Nexus 5X.

Tip: As there are a ton of wallet cases for LG Nexus 5X available on Amazon.com, you should also check out the suggestions below the cases I have listed. Usually, Amazon has amazing recommendations and you will be able to find something you like. The same goes for selecting a color, there are times when you like the design but you don’t like the color and usually there are other options suggested by Amazon.

1. Mama Mouth Nexus 5X

If you are in the market for an affordable wallet case for Nexus 5X, then Mama Mouth has you covered. It is a relatively inexpensive wallet case that is specifically designed for the LG-made smartphone.

The fuller style of the wallet case allows it to have three card slots in the inner sleeve. You can put your ID and credit cards in those slots. There is also space for some cash if you are going to carry it.

The case is designed really well and can be adjusted for easy viewing. The built-in stand feature is also adjustable for various viewing angles. The case is made with synthetic material leather and that is the reason why it is so inexpensive as compared to other offerings.

There is a magnetic latch which allows you to simply close the lid securely with ease. I placed this case on the front because it has a lot of core color variants and I believe having the option to select multiple colors is essential.

Notable Feature:

The adjustable stand is a nice addition.

2. Tauri Wallet Nexus 5X

This is another wallet case that comes in multiple colors and slew of pockets. This particular one will house your smartphone in synthetic leather which is precisely smart for this very smartphone. There are multiple pockets for almost all of your cards. There is a great ID card window built in the wallet case which is a nice touch.

There are three slots for credit cards/ID cards and there is also room for some cash. There is a generic latch that closes on when the wallet is closed. The magnetic locking mechanism looks solid and will help you in protecting your smartphone well.

The cutouts for the camera flash and the fingerprint scanner are precise and do not hinder any functions. This particular case is available in four colors but I personally like the black one more. There is also a kickstand feature which is a nice addition to the already good case.

Notable feature:

The ID card window will come in handy when flashing your card for the bartender.

3. Abacus24-7 Nexus 5X Case

Speaking of inexpensive cases, this case comes at a really budget price. Technically speaking, when you are purchasing Nexus 5X you already have some budget in mind so, going for a cheaper wallet case makes a lot of sense. In this case cheap doesn’t exactly mean that quality will have to suffer, this case is made of synthetic leather and can withstand a lot of beating.

There are two protective layers in the case, the interior TPU case and the front flip cover. This case also ships with the almost obligatory kickstand. The folio style of the case has slots for your credit cards and a dedicated pocket for cash.

Notable feature:

The colors are applied universally on the case. If you get a black case, you’ll get a fully black case.

4. GMYLE Book Case

This is an interesting looking wallet case for Nexus 5X and is very unique. It’s called the book case because well, it resembles closely to a bookcase. If you like reading books or are very interested in literature then this is one of the most unique cases you can get for your smartphone.

It is definitely a head turner because people will think you have a small diary in your pocket at all times. The case is made of a high-quality synthetic leather which while inexpensive, will keep your smartphone in safe hands. The Warsaw of the case allows you to carry your cards and cash with ease.

Notable feature:

The design is very remarkable and eye-catching.

5. NageBee Nexus 5X Case

While the Nexus 5X can be used by anyone, most ladies find its design rather bland. But if you want to make your smartphone a little bit exciting and unique, then this is the case made for you. The slim redesigned wallet case for Nexus 5X allows you to slot cards and cash into it as well. It tries to retain the imprint of the smartphone, but after all, it is a wallet case, so there is not much they can do about it.

However, this is not why the case has made it to the list, it is because of the unique pattern and color showcased on it. The case comes in three highly unique colors, rather designs and all three of them have very interesting patterns on them. While I know many men will be interested in purchasing this case but I believe it will be hit with the ladies.

Notable feature:

The color pattern and design of the wallet case are very interesting.


This concludes our list for the best wallet cases for Nexus 5X. I hope that you find the best wallet case for yourself in this list and live happily ever after until you purchase a new smartphone.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear about your experiences with wallet cases as well.

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