Google Event Today

Google Event Live Today!

At 12 PM ET, Google will hold the much awaited android breakfast with Sundar Pichai (Senior Vice president in charge of Android, Chrome and Google Apps). Since Google sent out invitations to members of the media, we have been anticipating about what this event is going to be all about.

Google Event Today

The fact that the Google Android chief is going to be present has led most people to believe that this might be all about the launch of the latest android OS (Android 4.3) – but we’ll know for certain noon eastern time on Wednesday.

There also could be some Chrome OS news as well. It has been quite some time since we heard about Google’s other operating system, although it was recently enhanced with a new notification center. If the latest android OS is announced, we’ll probably see it come with the debut of the second generation Nexus 7.

The event will be viewable online when Google makes it available for streaming.

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