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How to Watch TV on Android to Bring the Tube With You

Do you love watching videos on your Android?

What if you want to do something more than just watch an HD video you downloaded?

Through the support of developers and Android’s incredible platform, you can also watch TV on your Android smartphone as you would on your normal HD TV. This takes the Android experience to a whole new level as the platform has the potential to replace the classic cable TV. There have been several TV streaming apps on Android over the past and most of them worked poorly on most of the devices. However, you can still find some great TV apps for Android for viewing your favorite TV shows and movies.

US TV And Radio Free

US TV Android

This is probably one of my favorite apps as it works flawlessly on Android. As the name suggests, the app features most of the TV channels from the USA and the channel list is updated on a regular basis. You don’t need to pay any subscription and no registration is required. After installing the app on your device, you can directly stream a channel  from the channels list. Also, the app supports previewing the channel before actually streaming it.

The app has a built-in player, which means that it won’t open browser links and you don’t need Adobe Flash Player to stream. US TV also has an exclusive feature for recording your favorite TV shows from channels directly on your Android device, without losing any quality. The app isn’t available in the Google Play store, but you can download it here or free from Amazon. Once downloaded, just install the apk file through any file manager.


Android HBO GO

This is HBO’s own official app for streaming your favorite HBO movies, TV shows and documentaries directly on your Android device. The app is only available for users who have an HBO subscription through their local TV provider, but you don’t need to pay to use the service on your Android device. The app features almost all of HBO’s popular TV shows. Watch all the classics such as Entourage, Game of  Thrones and True Blood.

The app is not for viewing old TV episodes. It works only for recent shows. Using the app is straight forward, as you can easily select episodes from your favorite HBO TV shows. Download the app from the Google Pay store.



Crackle App Android

Crackle is another fantastic app for watching TV on Android devices. The app is  available for free, and you don’t need any registration or subscriptions to use the app. Downloaded by more than 20,000,000 people, the app features thousands of movies and videos which you can stream on your Android device with just a tap. Even though there are so many titles to choose from, the app provides monthly updates, adding more TV shows and movies to the list.

Find content from Sony Pictures, Tri-star and Columbia pictures in Crackle. In order to view the shows and movies in HD, you’ll need a fast internet connection to avoid buffering issues. In order to start watching, you just need to select the Movies or Shows tab and then you can pick your favorite show or movie and tap on the Watch Now button. Download Crackle from the Google Play store for free.



Netflix app Android

Netflix is one of the largest TV subscription services in the world. The app is available for free, but you should have a Netflix subscription in order to view the content on your Android device. If you are not currently subscribed to Netflix but would still like to try it out, you can get a one month free trial.

The app lets you watch thousands of TV shows directly on your Android device, with the ability to start watching on one device and resume watching on another device. Shows like House of Cards and Gelato are updated regularly, meaning that you’ll be able to stream the latest episodes directly from your Android device. Download the app for free through the Google Play store.



SPB TV Android

SPB TV is a free live TV app for Android which lets you stream different TV channels from around the world on your Android device. Downloaded by over 15,000,000 users, SPB TV isn’t just available for Android as the app has been around for quite a while on other platforms including Maemo and iOS.

The app features a variety of TV channels from various categories including sports, news, music and entertainment. Also, it supports video on demand, meaning that you can select specific content to watch. The app does feature high quality streams but you’ll need a good internet connection for smooth streaming. Also, the app features an integrated TV guide and a picture in picture mode.



Downloading and watching HD videos is quite simple and you can easily enjoy movies on your Android device. However, watching TV is still somewhat at the early stages and you won’t find many good apps for streaming TV on your device. The best way for you to watch TV while you are on the go is through different subscription services like Netflix and Hulu Plus as the content is available for free and you can stream thousands of movies and TV shows directly on your smartphone. Check out our lists of the best apps to watch live TV on Android and ways to watch videos with friends to compliment these methods.

However, for users who are not using a TV subscription service, you can use apps like Crackle, US TV and Radio and SPB TV. These apps might not work on all Android devices and you might face problems while streaming. If we’ve missed out an app that you like or if you have any questions, please feel free to mention them below.

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