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What is Android Launcher? Make the Most Of Your Device

We are quite familiar with the term Android Launcher. However, do we really know what is Android Launcher? These are applications that allow users to tweak the device’s home screen and add other functions that best suits your taste.

You have the power to customize the home screen and application list drawer with minimal effort. These Android Launchers will quickly modify the software features and designs of the operating system of your device. Does your phone have outdated software and annoying default features? Well, you will be overwhelmed with the Android experience you will get with these Android launchers.

However, you should not be worry because this is only temporary. You can uninstall the app launcher if you want to the default Android launcher again.


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Things to remember when picking your Android launcher

Now, what are the things you have to remember when picking the best Android Launcher?

Make sure it is not ROM

ROMs are different from Android launchers, they are permanent. When you use ROM, you are replacing the operating system of your device. We do not recommend that you will just void the warranty of your phone. Meanwhile, Android launchers are easy to download, install and navigate. You do not need to root your device to enjoy a better Android experience.

Check the Category

Ask yourself if you want to enjoy more of the Launcher’s design or smart functions. Design launchers focus more on the graphical layout of your software. Meanwhile, smart launchers modify the functionality of the software setup.

Know the price

We recommend you to have a free version of the launcher app, and just get the paid version when you are comfortable with it. It takes a lot of trying and feeling about the designs and functions of the launcher.

You can check some of the best Android launchers available in the Google Play Store. You will be surprised at how convenient its design and functions.

Which is the Best Android Launcher?

There are a number of Android Launchers available in Google Play Store. Each of these launchers has their own distinct visual elements making your device look new and fresh.

How to Use Android Launcher:

  1. Look for the Android Launcher you want in Google Play Store.
  2. Download and install the launcher.
  3. Select the launcher. Tap Always.
  4. Navigate through the settings of the Launcher.
  5. Customize the Launcher.
  6. Download themes from Google Play.

Let’s go over the list of the best Android Launchers for you to download and install.

  1. Evie Launcher – Free
  2. APUS Launcher – Free
  3. Microsoft Launcher – Free
  4. Nova Launcher – Free
  5. Google Now Launcher – Free

1. Evie Launcher — FREE

Do you want a promising Android launcher? Evie Launcher brings its best through its simplicity and minimal interface. It maintains its minimalist design with keeping 4 to 5 icons on the home screen. You can even customize the font style and icon size.

Moreover, Evie Launcher is integrated with Google Assistant. What could this mean? It brings more help when you are looking for something. Most users like Evie Launcher because of the efficient and great Android experience. Furthermore, lacking functionality is being updated to provide useful updates.

What is Android Launcher - Best Android Launcher - Evie Launcher
An image of the home screen and app list when Evie Launcher is enabled.

Enjoy your Android device with a simple yet useful interface design with Evie Launcher.

  • Universal Search
  • Quick Navigation
  • Customize Shortcuts
  • Customize App Drawer and Folder Grid Customization
  • Personalization
  • Search Engine (Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google)
  • Lock Home Screen Icons

You can download Evie Launcher for FREE at Google Play Store. You will surely enjoy its spectacular performance. Experience a great Android experience with Evie Launcher!

2. APUS Launcher — FREE

It has been proving its place as one of the best Android Launchers in the Google Play Store since 2014. APUS Launcher is one of the fastest Android Launcher. You can even customize its transition effect and tune its performance to make it faster.

When you use APUS Launcher as your default, you can enjoy the minimalist design or change it at your own taste. It offers icon packs, themes, and gestures. Moreover, you can customize more of the settings of APUS Launcher.

What is Android Launcher - Best Android Launcher - APUS Launcher
An image of the home screen and app list when Evie Launcher is enabled.

Get the newest Android Launcher that gives you the style, safety, and fast interface. Make your phone a little bit extra with its features!

  • Launcher themes, HD wallpapers, and background
  • Boost Phone Performance
  • Battery Saving Mode
  • Hide Apps, App Lock
  • Available in 19 Languages

It is obvious that this launcher would really give your Android device an efficient boost while saving its battery.  Get APUS Launcher at Google Play now!

3. Microsoft Launcher — FREE

Microsoft Launcher offers a clean home screen and a speedy app drawer that you can easily navigate. You might confuse yourself, Microsoft Launcher does not replace the operating system of your device. Rather, it provides UI elements and features that enable you to have access to Microsoft applications and services.

It has also a search system that supports visual search. You can take a photo of the thing you are looking for and it will suggest some amazing matches.

Did you know that it even added an extra feature? It is compatible with Windows 10 on your desktop or surface.

Furthermore, you can get access with your calendar, activities, and documents through your Microsoft account. Make everything easier and be productive with Microsoft Launcher.

What is Android Launcher - Best Android Launcher - Microsoft Launcher

Here are some of Microsoft Launcher’s amazing features:

  • Digital Assistant: Cortana
  • Feed personalization
  • Gesture Customization
  • Visual Search

Download Microsoft Launcher now! It is for FREE. There are more customization options to try out. Make your device look like your preference.

4. Nova Launcher — FREE

You will not go wrong in choosing Nova Launcher. It has proven itself for a longer time as one of the best Android Launcher. All Android users now this. Why did it dominate that long? Simple. It gives you convenience, customization, and unparalleled features.

What’s more? You can restore files in the Nova backup cloud. It skips the whole process by applying the settings you had in your backup. Not all Android launchers can replicate what you customized with your launcher.

What is Android Launcher - Best Android Launcher - Nova Launcher
An image of the home screen and app grid display of Nova Launcher

You might want complete customization for your home screen, or you just want a preset home launcher.

  • Latest Features
  • Custom Icon Themes
  • Dark and Night Mode Themes
  • Customize App Drawer
  • Subgrid Positioning
  • Restore and Backup

Nova Launcher pretty sums up a smart yet stylish launcher. You can freely build complex themes or make excellent gesture controls. Download it for FREE at Google Play Store.

5. Google Now Launcher — FREE

From the name of the Launcher, it is obviously developed by Google. You might wonder, why does Google offer this app to other Android devices. Well, this is developed for those non-Pixel smartphones. It has a simple design that has been added to several Android launchers which dug its hole to the ground.

The only drawback for this Android Launcher is you cannot customize the features of your screen. It has a simple layout of its home screen and app grid. You do not have the freedom to customize the app grid. If you want to change the wallpaper of your phone, there are presets you can choose from or you can use your own photo. It is unfortunate that it has only minimal settings and customizations.

What is Android Launcher - Best Android Launcher - Google Launcher
An image of the design and layout of the home screen and app drawer of Google Launcher.

Even though there are some drawbacks with Google Now launcher, it is still a functional, minimalist launcher that can be utilized for your phone.

  • Search Bar
  • Google Now Cards: Swipe right from the device home screen to launch Google Now cards that brings you information.
  • Google Assistant: “Ok Google”

Make an upgrade now with your Android device. You can download Google Now Launcher at Google Play Store without worrying for any subscription. It is FREE! It is compatible with devices Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and higher.

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Know More About What is Android Launcher:

Is Android Launcher safe?

Yes, Android Launchers are safe as it does not override the device’s operating system. It acts the same with any other apps. It just enhances the designs and functions of your device but it does not interfere with your operating system or personal data. If you really want your device to be safe, protect it with Android Antivirus.

What is the lightest Android Launcher?

Lightest Android launchers extend the battery life of your device and it should only take a minimal amount of your space. Regardless of that, this lightest Android Launcher can still provide stability and optimization. We suggest Smart Launcher as the best lightweight Android launcher available in the Google Play Store.

What is the fastest Android Launcher?

The fastest Android Launcher we can recommend is APUS Launcher. You can confidently download the app and enjoy its fast transitions without consuming the space of your device. Do not worry! It is compatible with a budget to top tier devices.

How to Set the Default Android App?

After all the customization, we get tired and want the default app or launcher again. It is possible to set the default app again. Setting or removing the default Android app can be a long process at first. However, once you are familiar with the steps it would be easy for you.

In Conclusion of What is Android Launcher

Android launchers have become a part of having a wonderful Android experience. Now, if the question “What is Android Launcher?” pops, you now have the answer. You will have a handful of Android Launchers available in Google Play Store.  Be quietly confident in downloading the best Android Launchers for you to have some fun with its diverse yet impressive features.

We hope you learned something about what Android Launcher is all about. If you think this article is helpful, share it to your friends, family and colleagues. Did we miss some of the best Android launcher? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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