What Is Android System WebView?: A Complete Guide

Do you remember clicking a shared link of Facebook one day and then getting it to open on the Facebook application itself instead of on your browser app or on web pages?

Ever wondered why these web pages did this? If you did, then today is your lucky day!

But first, we need to discuss a few things first:

Your Android phone comes with pre-installed apps in the google play store, wherein more likely you have no idea what some of them do. Deleting the apps in the Android operating system is not recommended as it can affect the performance of the smartphone and the functionalities within the app.

These pre-installed apps are called systems apps or system components. These apps come with the system partition together with your ROM or Operating System. Android apps like your camera, messages, settings, contacts, and every app that comes right out of the box are system apps.

Without these apps, your phone will not function normally.

One of these apps is Android System WebView with the webview class, which you can in find under Settings > Apps.

Let’s see what this is all about and what it does to your android apps.

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What is the Android System Webview?

Even though the Android Webview system app itself doesn’t seem important – you want it on our phone, especially if your OS version in your android device is older than Nougat. If your OS version is higher like Android 10 in your android device, you won’t even notice this app – since it got moved, but it’s still an active part of the Android ecosystem.

Basically, Android System Webview App allows you to open links within the app you are using from the google play store, without having to leave it. It might seem like a small thing, but trust us, you’ll feel the inconvenience if you get rid of the Android System Webview App.

However, the Android System Webview might not be supported by all the apps, so this is why sometimes some links will open in Chrome, and not in the app itself.

If you have accidentally uninstalled Android Webview, you can get it back by clicking on the button below:

Google Play

Who benefits from the Android System Webview?

While any Android phone user can use Android System Webview App, it was originally designed to offer convenience to app developers. With the use of the WebView library, you will have a handy mini app browser that helps condenses and extracts the web page content to get JavaScript. Webview is a system that is very important. Bug fixes are also regularly improved for better performance.

Operating System Support

Google stopped supporting WebView in older versions of Android because there are certain risks when using the app due to its system component.

What Google did was offered a solution, which was to upgrade the younger versions of Android 4.3 and below. KitKat was the first upgraded version of Android that was able to fix the security errors of WebView.

When Android 5.0 Lollipop was introduced, it separated the WebView app and allowed for quick bug fixes and updates on Google Play Store.

What Is Android System WebView?: A Complete Guide | Joy of Android
Android KitKat OS

The system WebView in Kitkat 4.4 is based on Chromium and is more user-friendly than its younger Android counterparts. But undeniably, there is a big number of Jellybean users, which are lower than Android 4.4 KitKat.

To avoid getting exploited with the use of Android WebView, Jellybean users may uninstall third-party apps, use Firefox or Chrome browsers, or update their apps.

Can I Uninstall Android System Webview?

Unless you are using the latest version of Android such as Oreo 8.0, then you can uninstall Android System Webview and it will not negatively affect the functionality of your device.

So, yes, you can uninstall or disable this system. But, if you are doing it to add more storage space to your phone, it is not a good idea. WebView is there on your phone by default for a reason. Webview is a system that is needed and uninstalling it may not be a good idea.

While not all Android applications support the system WebView, many other apps use Android System Webview for displaying embedded links. In addition, WebView provides online security and loads web pages much faster. In case you have uninstalled it, it is better to install it again through Google Play.

What Is Android System WebView?: A Complete Guide | Joy of Android

Android OS


Android System Webview – Better With It Than Without

Android System WebView is more useful to your phone’s system than not. It is advisable to leave it running in your smartphone and enable it to enjoy its best functionality. Also, generally, it’s better not to mess with system apps unless you are extremely sure of what you are doing.

Sometimes, if you delete or disable an app, even you get it back somehow, the damage is done and you have to go through great lengths to undo it or make it slightly better.

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