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Which Phones Are Getting Android Nougat?

featured image nougat non nexus

Android Nougat is, without a doubt, a fantastic follow-up and improvement on 6.0. The upgrade to Android 7 brings plenty of positives to the table, with its biggest negative being sparse availability. Hopefully, Nougat will start appearing on more devices soon, but until then, how do you know which phones are getting Android Nougat?

If you’re on a recent Nexus device, you automatically have a ticket for a seat on the Nougat train. If you aren’t using a Nexus device, well, things start to get a little spotty. Nougat has been around for long enough now that more availability lists have seen the light of day. Let’s go through all the phones with a seat on the Nougat express.

Samsung Phones

If we’re talking about which phones are getting Android Nougat, it’s hard not to mention Samsung first. They’re arguably at the forefront of the Android world, so it makes sense that a lot of their recent phones are getting Android Nougat support.

samsung nougat non nexus

First up, let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and the Note 7, if it doesn’t explode before then. It was confirmed that an update for Android 7.0 would be coming to the Note 7 in a few months, and an update for the S7 and S7 Edge is guaranteed at that point.

After the triple Samsung sevens are brought into the Nougat world, there’s still room for the Samsung Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge, and the S6 Edge+. With its popularity and user base, the update will be additionally rolling out on the Note 5. It’s possible that 7.0 will reach Samsung models older than these, but it’s not confirmed and isn’t the priority.

If you have one of these phones you’re in the clear, but if you don’t, there are plenty of reasons to update to either a Galaxy S7, or the more than capable S6.

Motorola Phones

When I think about which phones are getting Android Nougat, Motorola isn’t the first company I think of, but it’s the company that I’m the most biased towards. They’re a name that I’ve known for a while and the first Android brand that I took a chance on. This is why it’s very unfortunate that I don’t think any Motorola phones will be seeing a Nougat update quickly.

moto nougat non nexus

More than a month ago, Motorola confirmed that it would not support monthly security patches. The reasoning for this seems dodgy at best and is an unfortunate indicator that Motorola will not be in the first class car on the Nougat train. You can expect Nougat to be on Motorola devices in the future, but when that future is, no one knows.

The phones most likely to get the update would probably be the Moto Z line, the G4, and the Moto X Style (Pure Edition), but it’s no telling when. It’s sad news not to hear much on the subject, but you can be sure that any new information updates will be posted on their blog.

HTC Phones

If you’re wondering which HTC phones are getting Android Nougat, and you’re an HTC 10, or One A9 owner, then you’re in luck during the later quarter of this year. HTC plans to bring Android Nougat to at least these two devices this year, and more potentially the year following this one.

htc nougat non nexus

HTC is fairly active on Twitter, so if you want to keep up to date with what they’re rolling out, follow them for quick updates. If you’ve been thinking about buying a phone with Nougat on the way, HTC isn’t a bad company to choose. In fact, they are the makers of the newest Google phones, the Pixel and the Pixel XL.

T-Mobile Phones

Instead of talking about a brand, let’s talk about a carrier this time. If you’re on T-Mobile, you’re probably wondering which supported phones are getting Android Nougat. On T-Mobile’s software update page, they mention which phones are getting a Nougat update soon.

tmobile nougat non nexus

If you’re with T-Mobile, and your phone is on this list, you can sit tight with certainty that you have a spot reserved on the Nougat express. For other T-Mobile phone users, you’ll need to stay tuned and keep up with their software update information to see if your phone will later be supported.

With luck, even more, phones will be supported in the future.

Sony Phones

I have very good news for owners of recent Sony Phones and Nougat hopefuls. When it comes to Sony’s phones, instead of asking which phones are getting Android Nougat; it’s easier to ask which aren’t.

If you have the:

  • Xperia Z3+
  • Xperia Z4 Tablet
  • Xperia Z5 Compact
  • Xperia Z5 Premium
  • Xperia X
  • Xperia XA
  • Xperia XA Ultra
  • Xperia X Performance

You can expect an Android Nougat update shortly. Keep in mind; these updates won’t necessarily be rolled out at the same time. Some devices will be updated before others, but every Sony device on the list above will be brought up to 7.0 eventually.

There hasn’t been any word yet on a phone that will come with Android Nougat stock, but keep your eyes on their blog for any new information.

LG Phones

LG has managed to have the first phone on the market with Android 7.0 stock with the LG V20.

lg nougat non nexus

However, if we’re talking about which LG phones are getting updated to Android Nougat, the only confirmed device is the LG G5 later on. It’s possible that the LG V10, and maybe even the LG G4 will get the shiny new update, but both aren’t confirmed and aren’t likely.

There are other phones down the list that could get the update, and probably will get the update eventually, but we have no idea which phones would be on that list. For any information in the future, you can keep up with their website.

Huawei Phones

We haven’t heard anything official from Huawei yet on which of their phones will be getting Android Nougat, but it’s a safe bet that the P9 is going to be updated to 7.0.

huawei nougat non nexus

Since the P9 is in millions upon millions of hands now, it’s hard to believe that it wouldn’t become eligible for a Nougat update. It’s possible that the same thing update could come to the P8, but nothing is confirmed.

As for the Honor series, it’s safe to guess (with nothing confirmed) that the Honor 5X and the Honor 7 will get the update with how fast Huawei’s subsidiary has been to update recent devices to the newest OS.

You should expect these updates to happen next year at the earliest, and maybe a new phone that is preinstalled with Nougat.

Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi is a tough one for me to mention, but not because all Xiaomi phones aren’t getting the update for a free ride on the Nougat express. Plenty of recent Xiaomi models are getting the 7.0 update, but it will take at least seven to eight months for any of them to surface.

xiaomi nougat non nexus

Until then, Xiaomi has stated that they’re focusing more on devices that will have Android Nougat included stock, instead of needing an update. This doesn’t mean they’re leaving users with older models behind, but you’ll need to wait for the train to make a few passes before it stops to let you on board.


Which phones are expected to get Android Nougat is a tough question to answer, in part because of 7.0’s young age. Nougat hasn’t been tangible for very long, but as time goes on, more and more Android devices will be revealed with the shiny new OS included inside. If you’re worried, you’ll be left behind, stay hopeful, because not everything is out of the bag yet.

Still wondering if your phone is going to get the new update? You can ask any questions, or express any concerns you have below!

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