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Why Cheat Apps for Android are Useless

I’m going to make this article as short and as informative as possible. Before you ask, almost 90% of the cheat apps for Android are junk that do nothing. What can you do when you want to cheat in an Android game? You can install a modified APK for the game to gain unlimited health and even money. Or you can take a chance on a cheat app, which I would never recommend.

This is one of those instances when I recommend using a modified APK file over an actual cheat app for Android. But before you go on installing 3rd party exploits on your beloved Android, remember all of them have a high risk. So instead of exploiting games to gain an advantage, these so called cheat apps end up exploiting your smartphone to gain other kinds of advantages.

Why Do You Need Them?

So, I installed a nice new game called Fallout Shelter on my Android smartphone back when it was released. I’m a huge fan of Fallout series, but not as big of a fan of farming games for Android. However, this management game for Android tasked me with making a doomsday vault and running it optimally.

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All was fine in my Vault 101 until some over-powered raiders reduced the population to 3. This is where I gave up. I wanted to purchase the lunch boxes that come with additional resources, loot and sometimes characters. After purchasing around 5 of the boxes that almost cost a buck each, I still didn’t get any special characters.

I’m pretty sure the same thing would have happened to you.

I have seen a ton of people ask me if I can magically make Candy Crush hearts and send them the “energy” to play the game more. One aunt was actually disappointed when I told her that software engineers don’t do this stuff. I know you are well aware of the timer syndrome of modern free to play games. I get it; you don’t want to spend a ton of money just to play a round or two more.

Will They Work?

As lazy as I am, I went on a cheat app search. Almost every “App” that claimed to provide free stuff was lying to me. Granted the cheat apps were not hosted on Google Play Store because Google is not that stupid. I was installing third party software on my Android phone, and that too is from unreliable sources. However, I was constantly scanning my device with a good antivirus app, which was able to find two apps that were suspicious.

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After around one and a half hours, I still didn’t have any free boxes or resources on my devices, but I was pretty sure I had some malware lurking about on it. In short, 90% of the time the app claiming to provide you free money for Sim City will not actually do that. You see the developers of these apps continue to gain profits from the app because no one is getting free energies or other goodies from some cheat apps.

What Will Work?

There are things called modified APKs, which will get the job done. Yes, for the sake of this article I installed one on my smartphone just to make sure. OK, I’ll be honest, I was quite excited about getting my vault up and running again and I didn’t actually do research for the article. This was a mean and selfish move on my part, and I feel ashamed now that I have done it.

I downloaded the APK that came with some elaborate instructions. I won’t be mentioning the APK link here, nor will I discuss how you can install it. This article is not about how, it’s about DON’T.

After the installation, I started the game. There was nothing free given to me at the first launch. I quit the game and forgot about it. I had already scanned the APK file for any virus both on my PC and on Android, I was satisfied. I even extracted the contents of the APK to make sure nothing weird gets on my Android.

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The next day I absentmindedly launched the game again. My eyes popped out to see 5000 free lunchboxes available on the game. So I went on a rampage and installed modified APKs for all the games that gave me grief as free to play titles. The feeling was amazing at that moment. I built a lavish vault and didn’t even flinch.

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This Will Ruin the Game

The next time raiders attacked my vault I was ready with shotguns and rifles to answer the door. The vault dwellers made short work of the attacking savages. And that’s when it hit me. I have effectively made one of the most addictive games on Android a boring one.

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These money exploits and God modes will feel great for a very short amount of time and then you will get bored. This is the exact reason a game on Superman will be a boring pile of mess. If there is nothing to challenge you, you will most definitely get bored of the game. Now I have a fully functioning vault with 3 electric grids, and I never want to return to it. The very same thing happened to it.

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You Hurt the Developers

The most important point of this article is that with these cheat apps for Android and modified APKs you will hurt the people who make the games. They are people as well and need to generate a nice stream of profit to continue working on the games…FOR YOU. I’m not going to go on a moral parade here, just wanted to elaborate the obvious. This will hurt a small developer a lot more than you can imagine. Take it from a guy who designed 3 games only to see them buried in the huge pile of games available on the Google Play Store.

The Bottom Line

Cheat apps for Android – Stay Away, they don’t work and can damage your device.

Modified APKs – Might work, hard to install and pose a higher security risk.

In my opinion, none of the methods are worth the risk they come with. I would advise all readers to play the games the way they are intended to be played. I know some free to play games have insane prices or unjust time limits. Thankfully, there is a ton of great games out there for you to discover. I have listed at least hundred amazing games from different genres for Joy of Android alone. Take a break from crushing candies and make a legal vault.

If you have any questions regarding this article and not about how you can cheat in games, feel free to send me a note in the comments.


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