Why Fast Charging Apps don’t Work on Android Phones?

So you were browsing the Google Play Store and saw a few fast charging apps that boasts about outrageous charging times. And you thought, hey why not give that a go. Here’s a thing, all the apps on the Google Play Store that claim twice as fast charging times are lying. There is absolutely no way to charger your phone twice as fast unless your phone was already taking an outrageous amount of time.

Charging of a battery is a chemical process and it has its limitations. This is exactly why we haven’t seen some innovation in batteries for a long while now. Smartphones these days use Lithium-ion batteries and they are made of one or more power generating compartments that are conveniently called cells. If you want to go a bit deeper, here is an article about how Lithium-ion batteries work, it’s a wonderfully informative article and has refreshed my chemistry as well.

How Fast Charging Apps Work?

One may think that they somehow override the security features placed by the manufacturer and somehow allow the battery to charger faster. However, that is not the case at all. Basically what these apps do is shut down all the processes, tasks and basically want you to turn the screen off for an optimal charging timing.

I’m using optimal here because it is not charging fast, it is just trying to replicate the perfect conditions to charge your device. That’s all there is to them. They may have fancy interfaces and they may have additional features but they won’t be able to charge your smartphone any faster than the manufacturer intended.

Are They Completely Useless?

Well not really, they can help you in turning off processes, clear the RAM and overall improve the charging time. However, the chore of turning them on every time you want to charge your batter is going to pile up over time. So the might not be completely useless, but they are nearing that. We have already written ways you can charge your smartphone faster.

Best Way to Charge Phone?

There are multiple ways that you can charge your phone faster, however you won’t be able to break the physical barriers put in for safety by the manufacturer. Even if you somehow bypass them, which I don’t think is possible for a normal android smartphone user, it is still not recommended that you do so.

However if you’re in a hurry and want to charge the phone a little bit faster, I recommend that you don’t use it during charging. If you are really in a pickle, simply turn off your smartphone and charge it. We’ve already discussed this in great detail in and other articles so make sure you read best ways to charge your smartphone fast as well.


In short, you can turn on the airplane mode along with the power saving mode and you can charger the smartphone faster. This is exactly what these apps do anyways, they don’t actually charge the phone or tablet faster and most of them seem like a simple app to turn off WiFi, GPS and turn down brightness.

In short, they don’t offer enough advantages to justify the obnoxious full screen ads they display. For me personally, they are completely useless.

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  1. I miss the days of removable batteries. What do OEMs think? make the device half a millimeter smaller and loose the ability to change your battery – PURE STUPIDITY!

    Then, you should never charge your phone over 80% if you want to double the life of your battery. When I am home and my phone complains about low battery at 20%, I put it on the charger with a timer and I get about 80% when the timer turns off.

    When you don’t need your phone but want a fast charge, turn it completely OFF!

    A solar power bank may come in handy too.

    Ans NEVER EVER buy cheap junk chargers. Many houses got burnt down that way.

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