Why Is My Battery Draining so Fast on Android
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Why Is My Battery Draining so Fast on Android? (8 Reasons)

Smartphones are essential for our daily activities, and it is a struggle to keep its performance and battery like new. These phones are pretty expensive. However, there are instances that its battery becomes unhelpful with the important tasks. When the worry strikes, you ask yourself, “why is my battery draining so fast in Android?”.

Batteries drain so fast because of the habits, activities, applications and Operating System that we have. On an average use, a phone can only last 6 to 7 hours. It is daunting isn’t it? Especially, when you are doing something important in the middle of the day and your phone battery runs out. Battery life span is an important criteria to look at when you are about to buy a phone. However, if you already brought one and found out that it has battery issues, you might need some advice.

We have to figure out what’s draining your battery so fast. Below are the common reasons why your battery is draining so fast in Android.

What is draining my battery?

1. High Screen Brightness

Why is my battery draining so fast Android - What is draining my battery - High Screen Brightness
High screen brightness of a phone to clearly see captured photo-Battery Draining

When you set the screen brightness to its maximum level, it can be a major source of fast battery draining. To avoid your battery draining so fast in Android, keep it in a low setting or enable adaptive brightness. When you use adaptive brightness, it will automatically adjust your screen brightness according to your environment’s brightness.

Moreover, another reason why your battery is draining so fast is longer screentime. You can shorten the screen timeout to 1-minute to reduce the amount of battery consumption. It will automatically turn off the screen after you keep your phone unattended.

2. Wi-Fi Connectivity is always ON

Why is my battery draining so fast Android - What is draining my battery - WiFi Connectivity
An image of a phone connected to Wi-Fi-Battery Draining

We all know that using Wi-Fi is more convenient and cheaper than mobile data. However, if your Wi-Fi connectivity is always ON it can easily drain your battery. If you are out for some errands or with your friends, turn off the connectivity button to prevent your phone from searching for a signal.

3. Handful of Notifications

Why is my battery draining so fast Android - What is draining my battery - Handful of Notification
A notification alert from Snapchat-Battery Draining

When you receive notifications, your phone will light up, vibrate, or make a notification sound. You probably guess this can also be a reason why your battery is draining so fast. As your phone receives a handful of notification each day, it will consume your battery. Did you know that putting your phone into silent mode or sound more can save more battery life? It seems that vibrate mode consumes more of your battery.

Furthermore, enable only those notifications from important apps. Disable news alerts, game requests, and other unimportant requests that would add to your notifications.

4. Background Applications

Why is my battery draining so fast Android - What is draining my battery - Background Apps
An image of available apps on a phone that might stay running in background-Battery Draining

The applications in our phone consumes most of its battery life. Thus, you have to check the apps you frequently use. You can disable background activities of these applications to further maximize your battery usage. You might have also installed third-party power or battery management applications. Do you really think this app will benefit you? It might be claimed in their descriptions that they can increase your phone’s battery life, but NO. It will only increase the phone’s power load leading to more battery consumption.

5. Battery draining activities and applications

Why is my battery draining so fast Android - What is draining my battery - Apps
An image of applications that are frequently used by most. These apps can drain most of your phone’s battery.

There are default applications that can consume most of your phone’s battery. When you enable the weather app, it constantly rechecks the weather condition a couple of times in a day. Meanwhile, when you enable Google Maps, it has  the permission to track down your GPS location. It is very helpful to use these applications. However, make sure to close them or disable them when you are not using it.

Furthermore, this situation is just the same when you constantly use data tether, stream videos or music, play heavy graphic games, overusage of the camera, or make phone calls through bluetooth connection. These activities are examples that can drain your batteries, cut back some of these activties to save some of your battery’s life.

6. Syncing apps and data automatically

Why is my battery draining so fast Android - What is draining my battery - Apps and data automatically syncing
A visual representation of a phone syncing its apps and data to a cloud for backup and storage-Battery Draining

It is a great help to enable automatic syncing of data and apps. However, this is also a reason why your battery is draining so fast. Try to reconsider syncing your apps and data manually to avoid your phone battery from draining.

7. Outdated software

Why is my battery draining so fast Android - What is draining my battery - Android OS
A visual representation of the Android Operating System-Battery Draining

Try updating your favorite applications or Operating System. Updates fix bugs that may contribute to draining your battery life more. For example, you are still running with Android Jelly Bean. Then, there is a high chance and a huge difference that your phone’s battery will drain faster than your phone running with Android Oreo. Thus, check for updates if you are using the latest Operating System and the latest version of your installed apps to get bug fixes and latest improvements.

8. Hardware Issue

Why is my battery draining so fast Android - What is draining my battery - Hardware Issue
An image of a phone having some hardware issues-v

When you have already updated your Operating System and applications and changed your phone habits, yet your battery is still draining so fast. Then, it is quite possible that you have a hardware issue. We advise you to go to a professional and ask what they can do for your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions on Battery Draining

1. How to check battery life on Android?

We all know that our phone’s battery life is our major concern. You can easily check the battery life of your Android device at the status bar. Battery life is approximately measured according to how you use your device. You can look for the battery settings at the device’s settings app.

2. How to fix Android battery draining fast?

Android devices have improved their performance. However, some Android battery still cannot manage the full optimization of its device. There are Android apps that can help you detect battery drain. Download one of these apps to fix Android battery that is draining fast.

3. What Android apps drain the battery?

It would be a hassle if your phone does not last a day without the need for charging it.  If your Android phone is easily drained, you might have an app that easily sucks your battery. We have to be very careful of the apps that can suck the life out of your Android phones.

Save Your Phone from Battery Draining

It is unfortunate if you do not know the reasons why your battery is draining so fast. Gladly, we have prepared this article for you. It is nice that you are aware of the reasons and could immediately resolve the root cause. With the culprits being enumerated, we are sure that you have things under control. Make your Android phone last a whole lot longer than before!

However, if you still haven’t figured out the reason. Try bringing your phone to a customer care service center. Your phone’s battery might be damaged. Some uncontrolled factors may have affected their performance.

Do you find this article helpful for your Android phone? Share this article to your friends and family who might have the same battery issues as you. Moreover, if we have missed some reasons why our battery is draining so fast, feel free to leave some suggestions in the comment box below.

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