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4 Best WiFi App for Android to Connect Constantly

Even though we like it or not, the Internet is already a part of our daily lives. We use it for our work, entertainment, communication, or other purposes.

Android devices all come with a Wi-Fi connection, and although we might not realize it, Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone. However, we usually never need one of the dedicated WiFi app for Android for anything.

And why is that?

People usually don’t gauge their Wi-Fi speeds using their smartphones. Most of them prefer using their desktops or laptops to test the speed of their connection.

However, Wi-Fi apps for Android provides a couple of different useful tools that you can employ in certain situations. These are not the apps that you use daily, but still are extremely helpful in gauging the efficiency of your connection.

Isn’t that useful?

Finding the best Wi-Fi apps for Android that suits you can be difficult and time-consuming. You have to wonder if they work well, so you might take your time by testing them one by one.

Don’t worry!

To help you, we listed the best Wi-Fi apps for Android out there. With these apps, you can gauge your Wi-Fi speed and quality with your smartphone.

There are around 20 other wireless connections around me, so figuring out the best channel for my router takes top priority. Although I can boot up my Windows-based PC and do it, I find it more comfortable to achieve the same results on my Android.

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4 Best WiFi App for Android

1. Wifi Analyzer

WiFi App for Android
WiFi App for Android

This is one of the most useful apps on the list simply because it offers a lot of different functions. If you’re setting up a new router in your home or office, especially in an apartment building or an office complex, you need to find the right channel for your connection.

Too many Wi-Fi routers run on the same default channel and are very crowded, so naturally, you would want to select a channel which isn’t used that much. This is where Wi-Fi analyzer comes into play and gives you a hand. All you need to do is run the app and it will determine all the channels that are being used around you. After that, it’s only a matter of selecting the least used one and making it your default.

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2. WiFi Map

WiFi App for Android
WiFi App for Android

WiFi Map has an amazing concept, it basically allows you to use Wi-Fi wherever you go. Around 50 million free Wi-Fi connections are available via this app. The idea behind it is that the app collects all the free Wi-Fi networks over the globe as they are reported by the users and allows others to connect to them whenever they are in range.

In theory, the more the people use this app the better it will become and with a lot of people using this app right now, it is one of the best ones to have while traveling. You don’t even have to pay roaming fees when using this app because it only takes the existing Wi-Fi connections and connects your device to them.

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WiFi App for Android
WiFi App for Android

This isn’t directly about the WiFi but it is related to it. If you have an amazing bandwidth and an even better service provider it wouldn’t matter if your Wi-Fi is slow. If you suspect that you are not getting the full advertised speeds, you should probably check this app out.

It basically stresses your Wi-Fi connection and the Internet connection to determine the top download and upload speeds your device can achieve. I use it often simply because I have an awful Internet service provider that usually does not provide half of the advertised Internet speeds. So, if you have a devious ISP like me that will usually blame your Wi-Fi router instead of their abysmal service, you need to have this app on your device at all times.

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4. Wifi Static

WiFi App for Android
WiFi App for Android

This one is for the advanced users. This app allows you to manage your WiFi static IP configurations and also allow you to switch between them automatically. You’ll be able to set static IP with the built-in settings of the app.

It is bare bones app that allows basic functionality that was previously only accessible via PC. This is exactly why this app is at the very end of the best Wi-Fi apps for Android list.

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Frequently Asked Questions on WiFi App for Android

What is a good Wi-Fi speed?

If you’re gaming or streaming videos, we suggest having an Internet speed of at least 20Mbps. Although you can browse the Internet smoothly with at least 6Mbps, the faster your connection speed, the better.

What can Wi-Fi apps do?

Wi-Fi apps can offer different services. Some of them can gauge your Internet speeds, look for uncongested channels, and check your network quality.

What is the best Wi-Fi app for Android?

There are tons of apps out there that you can use, but for us, the Wi-Fi Analyzer is the best one out there.


These were some of the best Wi-Fi apps for Android. While they are not common apps that can be used daily, they do offer a certain functionality that isn’t natively available on the platform. As always, it’s great to have a lot of different options readily available to you whenever you are on the move. So, I highly recommend keeping the first three apps on your device; they will come in handy in a time of need.

What do you think of the list and apps included? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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  1. So you’re saying if I download one of these app’s,without having any internet-wifi at all on my phone, that the app will give me wifi.

  2. I have my own wifi Natco I live out in the country but I have connectivity issues I don’t know if its my galaxy or if I need a booster on my android phone or what

    1. Its a free app but comes with ads. The pros is that you don’t have to pay to use the features, the con is well the ads. It analysis the strength of a wireless network and a particular location.

  3. Which app would work best for gps? Do you know of any that can find and connect in rapid succession when in range?

  4. Also, try downloading the Cloudcheck app. Cloudcheck has a feature called Smartifi that monitors your wireless usage per device connected and allows users a holistic view into their network’s performance and productivity. Super useful for troubleshooting and learning how to configure your router’s settings for optimized performance!

  5. In My office some do get Wi-Fi connection given by the office department quite easily, where else some of Us are deprived of the same, as Our Smartphone’s do not even show the availability of the same network…. Why….???? And how to get the facility….????

    1. Hi Parag,
      It is definitely not fair that not everyone is able to access the Wi-Fi connection. I would recommend talking to your office manager since this could involve changing some modem settings. Hopefully the answer is that easy. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Hi Phil,
      These apps offer a little bit of everything. One analyzes you Wifi, the other allows you to see your notifications on your PC, Etc. The author explains what each app is good for. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  6. I’m currently using WiFi Manager for finding and connecting to networks, and WiFi Web Login to handle all those pesky logins. The pair work together OK, but has anybody made a single app with both features together? Every time WiFi Manager connects to a captive network, a browser has to pop up, unnecessarily if WiFi Web Login is ready to handle the login process. Or maybe I could just find a way to suppress that pop-up asking me which browser to use and whether I want to always want to use that browser or not.

  7. My wifi not working in note 2, can these apps apps be substitute? Or any other software through which i can use wifi? Please help guys

    1. Hi Raj,
      Let´s see what could be causing your WiFi issues. When you say Wifi not working, do you mean it won´t connect at all or it connects but it keeps disconnecting afterwards? =-)

      1. Wifi Expert offers quite a few useful features:
        – It provides detailed information about your WiFi connection (like your channel, signal strength, IP address, etc.) and also provides useful tips about the connection quality.
        – It provides detailed information gained from a wireless scan (various SSIDs that are visible, their channels, signal strengths, etc.) and this can be viewed in list format or graphical format. You can also connect to a network from this list. The data can be sorted or filtered to make it easier to manage. The information can also be exported to a .csv file for offline analysis.
        – There is a “ping” option to test your connectivity. It can tell you whether your connection is good enough to reach your gateway or server.

        The app is free and is available at so do check it out!

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