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We all have used a GPS Navigation app on Android before. But sometimes the default apps don’t provide a satisfactory experience. Wisepilot GPS Navigation App is an app made to ease your traveling needs and help you reach your destination in time.

There are a lot of competent GPS Navigation apps for Android, and Wisepilot GPS Navigation App is one of them. The app is an amazing voice navigation app and can help you reach a destination without even looking at the screen.

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The Good

The interface on Wisepilot GPS Navigation App is amazing. The maps load fast and are reliable. The app has a great way of announcing instructions. I like the precise and clear instructions the navigator gives.

The app also provides a unique flat look while traveling. The flat look somehow makes it easier to understand where you need to turn in a glance.

The Bad

There are no satellite maps available on this app. Not having this view is the only bad thing I can notice about the app. Although the flat design of the app help in almost zero load times and fast performance, I would have at least liked to have the option of choosing different maps. Some of the traffic awareness functions are also only available in select territories.

The Bottom Line

If you need an accurate and easy to use navigation app for your Android smartphone or tablet, Wisepilot GPS Navigation App will serve you well.

If you need a map app and a navigation app, you will be better off using Google Maps. This app made for road travel works extremely well when used docked in a car. This app is a worthy companion of your tiresome travels.

Getting It On

Installing the app is as easy as a click. Visit the main app page on Google Play Store and simply tap the install button. The app will automatically start downloading on the device of your choice. The app is not that big in size, but users with capped mobile data should download using Wi-Fi.

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Launching the app after installation will take you to the initialization screen. Here the app will do some processes in the background.

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After that, Wisepilot GPS Navigation App will take you directly to the main screen. There are no tutorials or welcome screens found on this navigation app.


The interface of Wisepilot GPS Navigation App is very clear and precise. There is the obligatory side panel located on the top left corner of the screen. Positioned on the right side of the screen is a handy voice navigation mic button. You can also type in the address in the search bar.

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On the bottom of the screen are the layers as well as the GPS activation button. Located on the bottom right side of the screen are the zoom buttons.

Using the App

Using Wisepilot GPS Navigation app is quite easy. Tap on a location you want to travel to or type in the address. The app will locate the destination for you automatically.

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Then all you need to do is select a mode of transport, and you are good to go. The app provides some astounding quality turn by turn instructions. I used the app to reach my university on a motorbike. I used a hands-free as looking at the screen while riding a bike is dangerous. The app provided me with clear and easy to follow instruction via headset.

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Overall the experience was great. And I’m sure the app will work fine for you as well.


The navigation features of the app are amazing. The navigation is what makes Wisepilot GPS Navigation app one of the best apps for traveling around. The turn by turn instructions are well implemented and timely.

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I had no trouble whatsoever following the nice lady telling me to turn right. The interface changes a bit when the navigation mode is turned on. The top bar and the corresponding options vanish instead a side panel on the right is made available.

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Touching on the side panel reveals a slew of additional options.  You can check the route overview and even update the information on Wisepilot GPS Navigation app servers.


The app is able to access your account. This covers the optional login. The app will also be able to access your location. Well Wisepilot GPS Navigation app is after all a GPS Navigation app, so knowing the location is its main job. All in all, this app doesn’t ask for any suspicious permissions.


Wisepilot GPS Navigation app is a great looking and working navigation app. I highly recommend it to travelers who are going to new places on a regular basis. The app has a unique on-route guidance system that comes with really handy, whether you are looking at the screen or not.

If you have any questions about this app or the review, kindly direct them to the comments below.

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