Slimmest Smartphone Display

World’s Slimmest HD LCD Smartphone Coming to Life, LG Display

Slimmest Smartphone DisplayMeasuring a whopping 5.2” and a mere 2.2 mm thick, the thinnest HD LCD display is coming to life on the android market. With this kind of display, LG is in no doubt on the front lines in pioneering slimmer, lighter and more intuitive mobile devices.

The LCD display will likely ship with the new G2 smartphone scheduled to launch in New York City on August 7.

LG’s HD LCD smartphone display makes use of the latest touch technology to facilitate an enhanced touch screen experience. Dual flexible printed circuits, superior to a single circuit, have been placed in between the panel and the touch film – reducing the number of lines on the panel by as much as 30 %. At such levels of tech precision, and with the utilization of a direct bonding system, the display will also allow for greater brightness.

Today’s introduction of the world’s slimmest full HD LCD panel represents an exciting advancement for the high-end smartphone segment, and is possible due to our world-class expertise in IPS and touch technologies” said LG Display’s IT and Mobile Development Group’s vice president Dr. Byeong-Koo Kim in an official statement. “LG Display will continue its commitment to developing products that maximize consumer value as well as opening new doors for the mobile and tablet PC industry..”

In recent years, LG has stood its ground as a looming authority in the smartphone and tablet display technology. And considered that the company is going on with the mass production of flexible and unbreakable smartphone display panels, we can sure expect more from the Korean giant in the months ahead.

This authority is nevertheless not without a challenge. LG has been trailing behind Samsung and Apple in terms of total device sales. In opinion, keeping at the top of the HD display technology battle is going to be hard for LG – especially considered Apple was awarded a patent for a device that featured a curved screen earlier this year. More so, Samsung has also shown off some really cool, flexible screen technology.

So the question begs ‘can LG beat its way to the top in the smartphone wars?’

We’ll watch and see.

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