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You Are Now Getting Paid to Use your Phone

A new android app that allows you to get paid just for unlocking your android phone launched yesterday on the Google Play Store. The app, locket, appears to introduce a cool new approach to mobile advertising. With one swipe, you can either open an ad or unlock your phone the way you’ve always done. Whichever direction you swipe, you get paid.

Locket App

The app project has been backed by $500, 000 in funding from Great Oaks VC and a couple of investors from the marketing and entertainment industries. The app publisher, locket, is a NYC based startup founded earlier this year by Chris Crawford, Paul Jang and Yunha Kim. Chris and Yunha have backgrounds in advertising, while Kim has worked in the banking industry.

Working in banking, my only outlet to the outside life was my phone. And looking at my lock screen – which was just a picture of a daisy – the question was, ‘how do we monetize that?’”, she said.

At the time of launch, Locket has a restrained selection of about 8 advertisers on board, which means that you won’t be seeing that much variety in the ads. The startup hopes to accommodate more ads from more publishers in the coming few weeks.

So, Let’s Go to the Money

The app allows you to cash out, donate to charity or put the money you make on a gift card.

Currently, the app earns you a cent each time you unlock your phone, but total earnings are limited to $0.03 per hour. This means that you just need to swipe 3 times per hour to make $0.03. Any more swipes and you’ll just be making money for the company. On a 30 day month, assuming you swipe thrice hourly 24/7 (which is highly unlikely, if not impossible), you end up making $21.6. Although not insignificant – the paycheck is quite low for all the work. We hope that this will change for the better as the app gains ground among more android users.

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