You won’t find these apps in PlayStore Anymore

Google PlayStore can be simply defined as one of the most used app stores in the world. So as soon as you get an idea to download an application, you may start your search with PlayStore.

That app you are searching for can be a very interesting and useful one. But what if you can’t find it in the PlayStore? That will be the same as the apps below. These apps were there in Playstore a few days ago. But now not. Sow where to find them now? Just check it out!

Popular Apps That Got Removed From The Google Play Store

1. Lucky Patcher

What is Lucky Patcher

If you are crazy for Android games and want to be the one with the highest game score, this application is a must for you. With Lucky Patcher, you will be able to modify the games you play to get the maximum enjoyment you need. Besides, it allows you to modify other apps too. This amazing tool can be used to block advertisements, bypass verification of license, app permission modification, etc.


  • Enjoy the gameplay with unlimited resources: The era you waited till game lives are refilled is gone. Now you can get an unlimited number of game lives, coins, gems, and even powerful game characters without paying even a penny.
  • Remove ads: advertisements always interrupt the gameplay. But no worries! Because you have the Lucky Patcher app which needs only a few clicks to remove all those ads from your display.
  • Unlimited access to game resources: no need to complete collections to upgrade your weapon. Get game coins, lives, weapons and characters without a limit using Lucky Patcher.
  • No payment for “Paid” apps: always wanted to get paid apps, but never had enough money? No need to worry. Because Lucky Patcher app is designed in such a manner that can bypass all the payments and get you all those paid content for free.
  • Keep apps permanently: if you need to keep an app permanently, Lucky Patcher will help you to convert it to a system app and store it in your android device.

These are only a few from the hundreds of features that you can experience with Lucky Patcher.

Why is it important?

If you are a game lover, you may have tried to modify the games. But it is always hard work with several complex steps. But once you use Lucky Patcher you will find how simple the game modification can be. Also, you won’t encounter any app other than this to make all your gaming needs come true for free. Most of the applications like this need your android device to be rooted. But not Lucky Patcher. No matter your device is rooted or not, it is at your service to get you all the things you need.

2. TubeMate

What is TubeMate

We all love watching videos. And we do come across a range of applications when it comes to downloading videos. TubeMate is one of them. With this now you can download all the youtube videos you need to watch. Even without an internet connection. It is not the regular video downloader. Also, it contains several features that can give the best experience ever.


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality video play allowing you to select the preferred video quality
  • Fast download multiple files together
  • Ability to download in several formats from MP4 to OGG
  • Built-in media player
  • Download and watch the video at the same time

These are a few of the features of TubeMate. Get it now and enjoy!

Why is it important?

Similar to all other apps of this kind, the primary feature of the app is to download YouTube videos. But also, this serves as a video converter that let you download videos in any format you need. The most important thing is its compatibility to be used on any android device. If you can’t download the whole file now, just pause the download ad restart in your free time. TubeMate can update its content automatically so you don’t need to go searching for updates on the internet. Not only YouTube, try it with Facebook, daily motion like websites too. Just use simple dragging and dropping technique and get the ultimate TubeMate experience.

3. Happy Chick

What is Happy Chick?

Android emulators are designed especially for those who need to experience the things which they can’t do normally. When you need to experience IOS or windows applications on your Android, or when you need to play a sophisticated video game in your android, you are going to need an emulator such as ‘Happy Chick’.


  • Direct downloading option
  • Pre-check the platform requirement before downloading
  • Ability to browse by category, ranking or by favorites
  • Keep a backup of the games you get
  • Check the history of your browsing
  • Compatibility to be used on almost all analog game controllers

Why is it important?

In addition to the normal features of an emulator, Happy Chick comes with a PC version that is for Windows XP, 10 and IOS devices with jailbreak. Most other emulators will require you to go through a stepwise installation procedure. But this only needs you to download it and make the unknown sources option enabled in your security settings. No other configuration settings or rooting is needed.

Where to find them?

So you won’t be able to find any of these applications in the PlayStore now. So where to find them? If you search for them on the internet, you will get some links to download all three for free. But you can’t choose any of those links as today you should be very careful about the downloads. Most links are paired with malware or harmful viruses. So it’s very important to use only reliable sources. The best place you could get any of those applications without any trouble is the ACMarket apk.

ACMarket is the most popular AppStore to get modified or cracked applications and all the banned applications that mentioned earlier. It is rich with thousands of applications which is enclosed in a simple and elegant user-friendly interface. Whenever you need to get an application or game, just browse through ACMarket and get it all for free within seconds.

Filename: ACMarket
Space requirement: 54.21 MB
Devices: all android devices 4.2+
Root requirement: No
License: free

Simply tap on the link given to get ACMarket and enjoy all the applications you ever wanted!


Where can I find cracked apps?

Cracked applications are modified versions of the original application. Since they are edited and certain payment gateways are bypassed, those become illegal apps. Therefore obviously you won’t find cracked apps in Playstore. But there are certain third-party app markets such as ACMarket that allow you to get all those cracked and modified applications. Those all are edited and added into the ACMarket like applications with high security. So no need to be afraid. Be one of those millions of ACMarket apk users and experience any cracked app you like.

How can I download YouTube videos for free?

There are many applications available that can download YouTube videos for free. The most rated and most popular among them is ‘TubeMate’. Just follow the easy steps mentioned and download any YouTube video you need:
• Go to the security settings of your device and make unknown sources option ‘Enable.’
• Use the given link and get TubeMate apk from ACMarket.
• Complete installing TubeMate.
• Open it, browse videos and download videos in any format you need.

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